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JWC Secondary World Welcome JWC Secondary World is a forum meant for writers who are world builders to go over their own world building process. (Map making, myth making, setting up the setting.) Outline Welcome to the JWC Outline Workshop! Although there are many kinds of outlines, and some formulas cross over in similarity, what we have for you here is the mother of them all. RPG Storytelling What is Posey? Poetry is not just for poets, and never should have been considered such to begin with. If you don’t believe that poetry has anything to offer your work, then maybe you need to rethink and explore what poetics can do for your sentences. Poesy is the old craft of reading and writing poems for the love of it, as well as the seeking from words and language a furthering of conversational or artistic perception. It is easy to deemphasize poetry because of poets, if and when they take themselves too seriously, yet I find it hard to deemphasize poetry for poems. Learning structure or liberation from structure may just set you free from the typical or assumptive stage of your writing. Project Assesment Creative Obsession 101 It is one thing to write from time to time in a daydream afternoon. It is another to see the years go by, and as you reach for your first million words, you see story after story, chapter after chapter, poem after poem fill up your thought space and paper space. Flash Fiction
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