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Welcome Page

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining other writers to enhance your skills and meet
others with similar interests. Joe’s Writers’ Club (JWC) identifies its group-based learning program as the XYZ-Accelerator. When you become an active Accelerator participant, you can not only expect feedback on your writing, but also opportunities to participate in competitions, paid writing assignments, and several other programs currently in development. Whether your interest is blogging, writing short stories, full length novels, non-fiction works, or another word-based project, we believe the XYZ-Accelerator will become your preferred means to become a better writer.

Word Craft

Hello fellow Creative Writers. Our Wordcraft Category Exists to give JWC Club members a place to talk about their creative Wordcraft. (Projects) This is for the furthering and improvement of one’s writing process, exploring the spirit of creativity, and the sharing of a writing community, so that we can grow as a club and advance our own creative obsessions. These projects may be near and dear to a fellow creator’s heart, so please be respectful and follow JWC’s Critique Protocol. Thank you.


The top level workshops category is completely viewable to the public and contains some good tips for all writers to enjoy.
There is also a topic in this category listing individual workshops for which you must register to access.
Are you interested in attending free writing workshops?

Private Rooms

JWC has big plans for the world, not the least of which is to cultivate a vast membership. Talent is just waiting to be explored and shared, so that plans become goals, and goals become dreams. Big plans require big projects, and that’s where our submissables come in.

Genre Talk

Welcome to JWC genres, a true garden of delights for the Creative obsessor. We have a wide variety of genre forums to check out, and creative people just as curious as you are.

Artist Corner

Coming soon to JWC…

JWC Media

If you don’t know what JWC is all about, this is a great place to take a crash course. We have blogs, podcasts, our Youtube channel, and the newly launched Corporate Gothic Project, so there is something to check out for everyone.