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4 'Must Watch Right Now' Sports Shows and Movies

Originally published at: 4 ‘Must Watch Right Now’ Sports Shows and Movies • Joe's Writers' Club

By Mackenzie Beaulieu Long gone are the glory days of sports movies. In the 80’s, 90’s, and even 2000’s, the sports world had a much larger share of the box office than it does now. Box office numbers don’t really tell the story, however the sheer volume of sports’ movies is, demonstrably, way down, and the hits are much further apart. Maybe the tropes got old, maybe our collective consciousness is expanding, or maybe sports don’t represent what they used to, whatever the reason may be, those stories that made our hearts and competitive spirit sing aren’t on the big screen like they used to be. Luckily, there are a few great shows and streaming options to keep us going. 4 Shows That Hit All the Sports Feels While we hurt for the classics, there has been some signs of hope for the genre in recent years, and programs that get to the heart of sports in ways that almost everyone can relate to while also still delivering on the gritty, underdog stories that keep sports fans coming back. Ted Lasso Heralded for its first two seasons, Ted Lasso is about an American football coach who falls into hijinx when…