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4 Types of Journals to Keep When You Don’t Journal

Originally published at: 4 Types of Journals to Keep When You Don’t Journal • Joe's Writers' Club

By Tiffany Chaney Much of life is run on autopilot, and we do what we have to do to get through the day. Then, we move on to the next day. We let life affect us, rather than being the change we want to see. Journaling gives you a voice when you most need one, but we often don’t know how to start one, much less keep one. One of my favorite books on journaling is by Alexandra Johnson. It’s called “Leaving a Trace: On Keeping a Journal.” Johnson discusses the art of transforming one’s life through storytelling. Whether you’re recording your innermost thoughts or impressions on life or current events, keeping a journal allows you to become an active participant in your life, rather than a silent witness. Crisis Journal A crisis occurs in each of our lives at some point. A child experiences trouble. A family loses their home or a parent. Illness strikes, whether physical or mental. Existential crises are valid: It’s your lived experience, and that deserves a voice, even if you feel/fear you don’t have one.  Crises also occur on a global scale: the pandemic. Whether you see yourself as a sufferer or survivor, a…