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5 Free Summer Activities to Do in the Community

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By Tiffany Chaney Whether you’ve lived in your area for years or just a few weeks, getting to know your community can feel a little awkward. It’s like making a new friend. Outside of work and home life, your habits may limit you to a certain routine.  Trying free summer activities in the community, like watching a movie or a play in the park, give you an opportunity to do something new, fun, and frugal. In this list, you won’t see anything new in terms of location, and what’s offered will vary by community. However, you may find some unique suggestions for new things to try regarding these five free summer activities. 1. Community Center Pool Swimming in the pool at the community center probably brings back a few childhood memories. However, it’s not just an activity for the little ones or seniors.  Pool Activities: Bring allowed toys to the pool, and have fun with friends and family. Read a book or listen to a podcast as you catch the sun by the pool for a change of scene. Use this time to swim as another form of exercise. 2. Fitness Classes and Activities Many locations offer free or sliding scale fitness…