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5 Inexpensive Date Ideas for Couples

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No Money? No Problem! Have a Cheap Date With inflation going wild right now, going out with your significant other could get expensive. But by planning ahead and knowing your budget, you can have a fun date night while keeping it cheap. Here are five cheap date ideas for most couples. Discount Tuesday at AMC Theaters AMC Theaters offers rewards for their Stubs Members, which can be redeemed for free movie tickets or popcorn and soda. But if you haven’t earned enough rewards, every Tuesday is Discount Tuesday where tickets can be as low as $5. You can make your significant other happy and you both see a movie that you will enjoy at a fair price. Online Subscriptions Most of us already have streaming services, which are great because for $15 or less a month, you get access to newer movies, older movies you haven’t seen in years, and a ton of old and new shows. Just pair these with a nice, cheap dinner you both enjoy and spend time together at home. In addition to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, here are a bunch of other streaming services you can sign up for that might have different, more…

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