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6 Tips to Break Through Writer’s Block

Originally published at: 6 Tips to Break Through Writer’s Block • Joe's Writers' Club

There are very few things as debilitating to a writer as writer’s block. Often, just the thought of those two words is enough to send a shiver down one’s spine. Sometimes, writer’s block is a temporary ailment and can simply be waited out. Other times, though, the answer is not so simple, and trying to wait out a persistent case of writer’s block can lead to days, weeks, or even months of lost productivity. With that in mind, here are five ways that an afflicted writer can help battle writer’s block. 1) Free Writing Exercises Sometimes the hardest thing to do as a writer is start. Everyone knows that moment when you sit down at your computer, open up your work in progress, hover your fingers over the home keys and just…nothing. No words come to your brain. It’s frightening, and it can also lead to all kinds of self-esteem issues (“I’m not a real writer!” “I can’t do this!” “I’m nothing but a fraud!”). But every writer has experienced this, even those “real” writers. (By the way, if you writer, you’re a real writer. That’s just the truth.) When this happens, all you have to do is break through…


Excellent. I use #1 and #3. My advice to those who are stuck is to Just Write Something! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a post, story of a list of books you’ve read the past few years. Writing gets the juices flowing, and that’s the important thing.