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A Dark and Cold New Year's Eve

JWC Script

The Catalyst.

At a New Year’s party, we follow Catherine Lister around from group to group. She is not the main character in any of the stories, but she triggers the action in each of our stories simply by showing up. Sometime she says something to trigger an action or a scene, sometimes she just shows up and people get upset. She is only a catalyst for the actions, and never is directly involved with any of the stories.

She is about 50, and likes to pit people against one another for kicks. She could actually be the Central Character for the film, but more of a supporting role.

End Game: Just before midnight, Catherine disappears. At the stroke of midnight, her body shows up somehow. Someone from one of our group or groups has had enough of the prying and the cattiness of Catherine and has disposed of her.


I picture all of the action centering in a former warehouse turned into an elegant studio for writers and artists. Lots of room and lots of rooms. One big main area for the party and many little cubbies for smaller more focused get togethers. Perhaps we are on Long Island somewhere, perhaps Coney Island.

The night is crisp and clear without a cloud in sight. The temperature dips below freezing ass the clock creeps toward midnight. Outside, it is dead quiet.


No one really liked Catherine. Some tolerated her, but most people don’t shed a tear for her when she turns up dead.

Not many people care to pursue the crime or the criminal. Finally, Joe, our host, calls the cops. While we all wait for them to show up, everyone breaks up into little cliques and begin to come up with alibis for their actions. The Mystery Writer takes an especially big interest in the panicked actions of everyone. He has not killed Catherine, but he keeps that to himself to see who accuses who of doing the deed.

We do need a central problem or conflict.
Your scenaro with Catherine looks intriguing. It is a crime based story? I’m not sure about a female antagonist that is not humanized… That would be along the lines of a Sharon Stone type. Drew mentioned a few romantic comedies - for New Years Eve. This scenario is a New Year’s Eve crime story, I think. Is there a movie or book that is similar?
I might have a tendency to want to romanticize a pre-covid story.
We could write a COVID present story, but it would probably have to be sad.
We are looking to write something uplifting - as a commercial - or do we want to go thriller, him… ?

Would “Clue” be relevant? Don’t know what time of year it takes place.

Clue would be a good template to start with. There’s a large variety of possibilities in Clue that can go far beyond the confines of the board itself.


Clue is a fine template to work with. Thanks, Ben.
Let’s talk about that on Tuesday, eh?

I’m just gonna pipe in here–tone-wise, is “Clue” what you guys are going for in terms of that kind of humorous romp??

Maybe the scenario spoof like plot of clue is too ordinary for us. Are we presenting that light tone…?

We haven’t established any kind of tome yet. A Comedy would be a good stretch of our talents. It’s a difficult subject, as someone once said.