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A Detective that John McClane would love

I’d like to point to a series of excellent novels about a character that many people love. I’d like to introduce you to Spenser.
The creation of Robert B. Parker, Spenser never revealed, as of today, his first name. He is a detective living in Boston, Massachusetts. His Great Love is Susan Silverman, a psychiatrist. His Best Friend is Hawk, who could defend Afghanistan by himself. This is a quote from Spenser himself, not me.
Why is he loved, and why would John McClane love him? He takes life as it comes. He doesn’t take 99% of anything seriously. A Wise Guy and filled with great literature, it’s always a pleasure to read him in action. Just the act of ringing a doorbell until someone answers it brings me joy. His verbal quips to the Head of a Crime Family make me smile. He is often Fearless, and often reckless. It has gotten him seriously hurt, and nearly killed at least once.
He has the most satisfying relationship I have ever read. Spenser and Susan are a great couple and have an understanding that goes beyond mere words. He is the Yin to her Yang. She is always there to soothe his wounds and give him encouragement. She worries about him whenever he goes up against forces that would kill an ordinary person, but she also knows he always comes home to her.
His word is his bond. He has proven himself to be such a capable and dependable ally that a half dozen merciless, cold killers call on him if they need help and he won’t turn them away. The police always put up with his shenanigans because he always delivers what he promises.
Start with the first novel- The Godwulf Manuscript. You won’t be disappointed.


It was a great series, I inherited it from my father. He was a reader who influenced my life long love of reading. Robert Parker’s writings and this series are well written, colorful and enjoyable. I have fond memories of discussing these with Dad.


Welcome, Holden and Hello to a fellow Spenser fan.
I’m interested in the other works you got from your Dad. Were Donald Westlake, Richard Stark or Clive Cussler in there? If not, they are well worth reading.

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Dad tended towards Spillane, the Fletch books, all 40 pulp detectives. But he really loved Wambaugh and gritty police drama. Some spy stuff.