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A Novel Decision

My book, The Seven Deaths of Emily Briggs, has gone beyond the 550-page mark. It will probably sail past 700 pages before I’m done. I was thinking that rather than trying to submit such a huge book, I will break it down into 7 separate short novels and sell them as a package.
I have seen lots of multi-volume book sets on Kindle, and they do sell well.
My set-up will lend well to breaking it up. Each of Emily’s lives runs about 100 pages or so. There is a lot of her life that I have to do with the polishing that I have to do to fill in what I know now about her earlier lives. That will be another 125 pages or so. I could also sell each one by itself.
Each story has a distinct feel and a unique title hinting at what Emily will run up against within that life. I feel that this approach will work.
Let me know what you think.

Based on what I know, I think serializing/breaking it down sounds like a great idea. Each death could have its own title, and it could be called “The Seven Deaths Series” (or something along those lines). I can see that creating a lot of intrigue for readers, knowing there will be at minimum seven books ahead to get to know this character. It’s also really great that you will have the entire story written, meaning, you can publish them in intervals but your audience won’t have to wait too long (ahem song of fire and ice ahem)
Have you shared any of Emily Briggs’ story in the private rooms? I’d love to read anything you feel like sharing :blush:

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When I’m finished, I’ll post the opening of the first chapter here.

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I just put up the first chapter in a folder called THE SEVEN DEATHS OF EMILY BRIGGS. I’m going to start detailing how the work was inspired and how it is being created. My process is different, but it works for me. Enjoy.