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About the Creative Obsession 101 category

It is one thing to write from time to time in a daydream afternoon. It is another to see the years go by, and as you reach for your first million words, you see story after story, chapter after chapter, poem after poem fill up your thought space and paper space.

Word counts, page counts, epic sprees of writing on rainy afternoons and into windy evenings. On and on the work is completed, with the projects mounting up waiting to be finalized for an audience. Goals becoming dreams, dreams defining developmental change, so that episodic satisfaction is maintained.

The creative obsessor seeks to make a blast crater in his or her century, and for the event of their conceptual occurrence to resonate for centuries to come. Obsession is a virtue if you’re creatively focused, while trying to produce words and refine all processes. This workshop is meant to take a lifetime of creative tips and share it with those who seek to maximize their creativity. Sign up for it, and feel free to discuss your own creative processes. Have fun