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About the Outline Workshop:

Welcome to the JWC Outline Workshop! Although there are many kinds of outlines, and some formulas cross over in similarity, what we have for you here is the mother of them all.

Outline of Outlines:

A: Skeletal Outline: - The Bones

B: Musculature Outline: - The Muscles

C: Flesh Outline: - The Skin

D: Clothing Outline: - The Fashion

E: Posture Outline: - The Stance

F: Shadow Outline: - The Contrast

Outline Workshop Breakdown: - The Process

Running your project through the whole workshop will enrich your data, make it more accessible, and so take the project to the next level of readiness.

If it is used for analysis, world building, or industrializing a project, JWC Outline Workshop will emphasize something that might have been missed otherwise.

Knowledge is power, and that goes double for those who are exploring, perfecting, or marketing a much loved product.

Feel free to sign up.

Follow the needs of your work, and try to have fun!

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Outlines can be very important for Writers. There are lots of templates that are free to use online. Here’s one that I’m using for Emily Briggs.


I. It All Goes Down
----The story begins in Manhattan.
----We are introduced to Emily Briggs, who is a drunk, drug addict and prostitute.
----Emily is struck by a small black pebble and falls to her death reaching for some cocaine hidden in an air conditioner.
----Emily awakens in her own bed, no longer an addict or alcoholic.
----Emily has the urge to get away from the apartment as soon as she can get out.

II. The Same Old Grind.
----Emily takes a bus to a suburb of Jackson, NJ. The bus driver is named Ed, and he gives her some cash to tide her over.

III. Par For The Course

IV. That Old Black Magic

V. The Ghost and Miss Emily

VI. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

VII. What An Incredible Smell You’ve Discovered.

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