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About the Poetry category

Welcome all Poets! JWC wants to hear about your poetry projects, because our philosophy concerning one’s “literary voice” seeks to promote composing prose that is more poetic. We believe, (at least some of us do) that poetry can improve an overall voice, and so take a writer’s work to the next level.

The love of poetry is first, but there are many joys to the reading and writing of poetry, enough where we feel it is its own reward. Writing poesy that is living and moves (stimulates) a room can really leave an impression. Take it from an old school open mic (and spoken word) poet. Holding a book of one’s own poems (or being able to download one) is one of the greatest experiences a poet can have.

What kind of poetry do you write?

Formalist Rhyme and Meter - structured verse

Poetic Sketches - flowery verse

Free Verse - unstructured verse

Radical Poems - political verse

Slam - counter cultural verse

Please tell us about what poetry you have been writing, so that we may share and so improve our overall Poesy. Encourage poets and nurture their talents. Have fun