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About the What is Posey? Workshop:

Poetry is not just for poets, and never should have been considered such to begin with. If you don’t believe that poetry has anything to offer your work, then maybe you need to rethink and explore what poetics can do for your sentences. Poesy is the old craft of reading and writing poems for the love of it, as well as the seeking from words and language a furthering of conversational or artistic perception. It is easy to deemphasize poetry because of poets, if and when they take themselves too seriously, yet I find it hard to deemphasize poetry for poems. Learning structure or liberation from structure may just set you free from the typical or assumptive stage of your writing.

The Muse’s Signs and Wonders 1996-2004 = Earliest efforts

The Muses Subjective Hypernova of Poesy 2005-2012 = Sophomoric efforts

Ethearilst Gnosis 2008-2018 = breakthrough

Ethearilst Dharma 2019-2020 = transcendence

My Safe Word is Bananas 2008-2020 = return to elder forms

Liquid Poesy 2008-2021 = experimental

Sign up for this What is Poesy? Workshop and experience the unpacking of a twenty year effort of writing poetry, the evolution of which will be explained and given exercises to define. It will not be dull LOL