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Best Holiday Funny Movies

Thoughts on holiday funny movies?

I am remembering some major scenes from HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS and some hidden gems in PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES.

What are some of your favorite comedic holiday films? Any specific scenes?

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So many.

A Christmas Story.
Miracle On 34th Street (The Original of course)
Larceny Inc.
Christmas in Connecticut

Most of the list you posted are really awful films.

And there’s always Die Hard, which is a barrel of laughs.

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The Santa Clause is my all time favorite Christmas movie. Was just laughing about “Dad burned the turkey…” the other day.
Nightmare Before Christmas has to be on there. It’s just my generation.
I have a wild obsession with the movie version of RENT. It’s not technically a christmas movie, but the first act & a half take place around xmas and new years. “Merry Christmas bitches.”
Honorable mention to The Holiday. Just cute. Love the crossing story lines, and I’m probably a fan of anything Kate Winslet touches.

In general I love movies that are not technically Christmas movies but take place around the holidays, like RENT, or Die Hard^. Sleepless in Seattle? Carol. Eyes Wide Shut (lmao). It’s a Wonderful Life.

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Just looked at that list, I have seen Elf so many times because it’s my mom’s favorite. I could probably quote the whole thing. Will Ferrell is one of those love&hate-them actors but I can definitely get down with Elf.
Can’t forget Home Alone either.
(I just realized you asked about FUNNY holiday movies :sweat_smile:)

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Yes, and now ELF is a popular musical people produce around the holidays as well. Truly funny holiday films are pretty hit or miss. I wish some new ones would resurface and become part of the canon!

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I have yet to see the last 15 minutes of Nightmare before Christmas. I fall asleep just before the climax no matter what I do.
This kind of animation just puts me to sleep no matter how exciting the film is.
My favorite Christmas movie ever is the 1951 Scrooge. A virtually perfect film in every way. Scrooge has never been portrayed better by anyone, including Tom Baker.
Speaking of Doctor Who, their Christmas specials have always been a great treat for us.