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Biographies NOT written by Celebrities--help!

Anyone actively avoid autobiographies written by celebrities or do you gravitate towards them?

It’s alarming that when I google biographies in Amazon, it’s all Dolly Parton, Barack Obama and Lee Drummond from the Food Network. (blah!)

Anyone have a better resource for finding either biographies or autobiographies that are new and interesting to read that aren’t just about celebrities promoting their brand? Inquiring biography readers want to know!

I had a meeting with Fred Stoller recently. He said his memoirs took 10 years to be published because most of the time they told him he wasn’t famous enough.

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So crazy that this genre has turned into a celebrity wheelbarrow! It just takes some digging to find more unusual ones. I’m on the hunt, recommendations welcome!

I did manage to find a few that I found moving and perhaps not super conventional. Anyone read these? JUST KIDS about Patti Smith and Mapelthorpe and Joan Didion’s THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING.

MAGICAL THINKING is actually a better play, as she adapted it and it was a one-woman show. More concise. Still–both famous people who wrote these, but about something very specific and not just a vehicle fo self-promotion from a celebrity who hired a ghostwriter to “write” their story!


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