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Cannabis Edibles: Do They Really Hit Harder Than Smoking?

Originally published at: Cannabis Edibles: Do They Really Hit Harder Than Smoking? | Joe's Writers' Club

By Melvin Chux Cannabis in 2022 is the story of a gem in the dust; overlooked and scorned for many years, but once its true value was revealed it was embraced. In 2021, the U.S.A. saw an estimated $25 billion in cannabis sales, which should give you an idea of how big this space has become.  With the world’s view on this plant changing, cannabis witnessed a growth spurt in its number of users also. If you’re fortunate to live in any of the locations which have legalized it, you may have considered taking this herb.  One debate you might have heard when it comes to consuming this plant is; smoking vs edibles, which hits harder? In this article, we will consider how the two methods work and reach a verdict.  What Happens When You Smoke or Take an Edible? Answering this question is the beginning of our journey. Edibles are basically food infused with THC, and the body processes them as such. When you chomp on your favorite edible brownie, it gets processed by your stomach like any other food. The magic begins when it gets to your liver. At this point, it is converted to a compound called…