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Character Descriptions

Ricky provided the following character study:

James Flowersong - Jim - big ol poet - Ricky: Long haired bearded poet who walks around barefoot, goes to open mics, hands out leaflets, drags notebooks, pen stained hands, reads the beats, wears classic rock shirts, beads, colored shades,

Could everyone please provide me with something similar for their characters so I can begin drawing?

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Take Hans Gruber, make him taller, a bit stockier and greying at the temples. That’s Jerry Byrd.

Notes: Always wears Caribbean shirts. Has Christmas gifts for everyone. Has a single carry-on bag with everything he needs in it.

I picture Spencer as well-dressed and clean-shaven. Wears suits without ties, his solid-colored button down shirts unbuttoned at the neck. Carries a leather messenger bag with him. Close-trim blond hair. Think Barney from “How I Met Your Mother.”

Jack is the opposite. An everyman. Not sloppy but has a few days’ worth of stubble. Dark hair is a little unkempt. Always wears Air Pods. Dresses in a lot of plaid button-downs with jeans or khakis. Wears a well-worn leather jacket that he’s had for years. In my mind, he looks like Nick from “The New Girl.”


Jolene’s tall and thin with long brown hair… for the party, she would wear a tight, silver, and shiny dress with high heels. Big hair. Cuz she’s into partying. Gemma’s more conservative with a cheerful red blouse … blondish medium length hair, and not as skinny… a mom look to her, her hair could be tucked in at the ends and or, she could have bangs.


Thanks everyone these are great. I can start making sketches soon.

Instead of Hans Gruber, please substitute Thomas Magnum.

“I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right.”


TC -
I think I’m supposed to be coming up with a character, “Mike”, loosely related to the guy (“Roger”) I’d made up to ride to the party with “Jerry” from FL.

Here’s “Mike” as I see him: late 30s; teaching English Lit at Rider College outside Trenton. Written lots of short detective stories; thought of himself as a latter-day Elmore Leonard, maybe placed one story in a ‘literary journal’; working on his PhD at Rutgers;