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Comedy Writing Video

What do you guys think of this video? Wasn’t sure if it was to be posted here or in the Scriptwriting section…I think it’s helpful! (And it makes me want to buy his book!)


That’s a really great video. I’m never heard the analogy that comedy is about real life before and the way he breaks it down makes the idea make total sense. I would definitely read his book since comedy is a genre that I have a lot of trouble with.

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Why is it something that gives you problems? Are you normally pretty serious with your work?

Most of my work is serious but I’m not necessarily a serious person. It’s just writing comedy is hard. If you go too far to one end, it comes off as infantile, but if you restrain yourself too much, it’s stilted and not funny. Comedy is a genre that you have to find the right balance and really understand how to do it.

I hear you. Some people have referred to me as a comedy writer b/c a lot of my TV work is funny. But I always correct them, as I don’t laugh in a room by myself writing things that are then perceived as “funny.” The humor just sort of comes up through the breadth of the world, I don’t know how else to describe it.

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That’s at least a great trait to have, being able to write comedy that just sort of comes to you. There’s a number of things that I’ve written that made me crack up to myself, but then I have to wonder if that is going to affect the audience the same way. And my sense of humor is so warped that in most cases I doubt it. :wink:

Well, you never know until you hear it aloud or hear someone else read it, right? :slight_smile: