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Comparing Two Blockbuster Action Franchises

Let’s go back in time to when the action movie genre was near its peak. I have a question for all of you action aficionados. Which action franchise do you feel was better? Die Hard or Lethal Weapon?

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Wow, that’s a tough one. I love both franchises. In total quality, I’d have to give the edge to Lethal Weapon by a hair. Four very good films, and they stopped making more when the actors had had enough.
Die Hard, on the other hand, hasn’t given up yet, even though Bruce Willis seems to be tired of the role. In DH5, he was just a guy going around shooting people.

Overall Total Rating:

Lethal Weapon- 24

Die Hard- 33

Thanks for chiming in, Tom. Personally, I’m a Die Hard guy, but I still adore the Lethal Weapon franchise. Both contributing humor and great action sequences. Even though Die Hard has that romantic element, it’s nowhere close to Lethal Weapon. Throughout the four films, Riggs has multiple love interests which all tie into the overall plotline, while it’s not the case in Die Hard where Holly doesn’t make an appearance in at least two or three of the films. Also, don’t leave out the family man, Murtaugh!

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Die Hard is the only one of the 2 franchises on my Top 100 list.

I wouldn’t mind an action series kind of like 24 mixture of the Jean Claude Van Damne Time movie and intto the future, but going into the past. It would be interesting. And some big event from the past had to be altered that shouldn’t have. It would just be interesting.

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