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Contests // submitting poetry

My favorite thing to submit poetry to are contests. I don’t love the turnaround time (anywhere from one to six months!) but it’s always exciting to send work off into the world.

One I am looking forward to spending some time working on a poem for is the Wergle Flomp Humor poetry contest. I’ve heard of it for a long time but haven’t submitted yet. Their window to submit is huge though - it opened August of this year and goes until April 1st, 2021. If you write funny, even if you don’t necessarily write poetry, this is an awesome opportunity to submit some work for free.

I tend to go through phases of submitting poetry, where I’ll be really into it for awhile, and then not submit for like… a year (yikes). Right now I’m in an ‘on’ phase, and have actually started using a google drive spreadsheet to keep track of where I’ve submitted, where I want to submit, and where I’ve been published. Here’s what that looks like. It’s a little messy right now and not a complete list, but so far it’s been working for me.

I also have google alerts set up to send me once a week the google searches “submit poetry” and “poetry contests” (as well as my name - there are a few other people named Leah Hill out there doing stuff with their life.) That’s how I find a lot of places to submit to, as well as being on a few other email lists for writers. Obviously free contests are the best to submit to, but there’s also something fun about having a little bit of money on the line… like betting on yourself.

I’m not sure how many poets we have here in the forum, but would anyone be interested in me posting roundups for calls for submissions? Let me know :slight_smile: