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Corportae Gothic Script Idea #1


© 2020 by Tom Tiernan & Joe’s Writer’s Club

James Moore is working late at the Shelley Building. The lights go off and James decides to go check the

fuse box. He meets Mr. Harrison, the night watchman on the way. Harrison goes with him. When they

reach the lobby, they hear a scream. James wants to go see who it is, but Harrison stops him and tells him

to have a seat.

H “You’re new here in town.”

J - “Yeah.”

H - “What’s your name?”

J - “James.”

H - “My birth name is Noble, but most people call me Rex.”

J - “All right, Rex.”

H - “Let me tell you a few things about this town you’ve moved into. It’s not like most towns you’ll ever


Harrison then tells him some stories that have taken place in town. For a 100 minute film, we should be

able to use at least 4 of our stories. There needs to be about 10-15 minutes used by the framing scenes

with James and Rex.

At the end, the lights pop back on. James looks over and Rex is gone. He had been a ghost the whole



Harrison’s first name is Noble. His friends call him Rex. Rex Harrison played the ghost in The Ghost and

Mrs. Muir in 1947.

James Moore is a take off on M. R. James, the famous British writer of ghost stories.