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Dealing With Seafood Allergies

Originally published at: Dealing With Seafood Allergies • Joe's Writers' Club

By Jack Gayer Living with allergies is a daily struggle for many people. One allergy that is particularly challenging is seafood allergies. Dealing with seafood allergies presents more problems than you might expect, and it’s always a good idea to be as well educated on a topic as possible when dealing with an issue. Here are some things you should know about dealing with seafood allergies. What’s The Difference Between Seafood and Shellfish Allergies? Seafood is a blanket term for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, crustaceans, and shellfish. Shellfish allergies are specific to animals that live in the sea and have a shell or a shell-like structure. And while many shellfish live in saltwater, they can also be found in freshwater. It is also important to note that just because you are allergic to one type of seafood doesn’t necessarily mean you are allergic to all kinds of seafood. It is important to know all the types of seafood you are allergic to. How Do I Know If I’m Allergic to Seafood? A number of symptoms will present themselves after you eat seafood that could indicate you are allergic to seafood. They include itchiness and hives; your skin may redden; you…