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Do You Blog?

Originally published at: Do You Blog? – Joe's Writers' Club

Today I want to talk about the very essence of why you’re reading this post. You might be interested in sports, politics, movies, or books. Whatever the topic of culture that has encapsulated your attention, there’s a blog about it. Yes, you’ll find most of what other people like to talk about, argue, and go back and forth with each other until they’re blue in the face. Blogging has so many purposes and I not only want to talk a little about these topics, but how they can relate to your muse and overall writing style. Also, I want to show you how I got to this point because all bloggers are writers and some writers are bloggers. Either way you slice it, writing is the core to why you are here, staring at your screen. Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash Blogging helps us understand things that we haven’t mastered yet. They can include the previously mentioned topics or numerous other subtopics that cover every facet of culture out there. I’ve also previously talked about how inspiration fueled my muse to create characters, situations, and other aspects of the writing process. Would you be surprised that almost all bloggers use these same techniques…


Yes I do blog and have blogged. I have found blogging to be very important in my life. Blogging was there when I came out with a string of posts for A Soul Warrior’s Journey in the beginning, Blogging was there when I came up with a string of blogs unlaunching my books from the Money: Learning the Basics series which I plan on coming out with the 5th book to the series. Life Investments this year. Also, it had helped me out when I was going through a rough page where I broke up in 2016. I didn’t know that the road would lead me into meeting up with Ricky again and a few months later Joe’s Writers Club was founded. And Ricky was the pioneer that wanted Joe’s Writers Club to succeed. Blogging also came into play again for me with Joe’s Writers Club where I posted 4 blogs for the group.

Bloogging has been intricate to me and has helped me grow as an individual. I learned that I was wrong about many things in life and needed a fresh perspective everytime. In life I grew and I keep growing everyday.

I found this page and I added my work there. I feel I could bring my old stuff to life again with a fresh perspective then before. And also add old podcasts. Maybe new material to.

Thank You for your Support. Joe’s Writers Club has been helpful to my Journey as a Writer and I plan on using my skill as a blogger to. Blogger is an important skill to have as a writer and tool in the tool box.

To find the link to my new page you can go here. Joe’s Buy Me a Coffee Blog and Podcast Page