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Do you see your life as a narrative?

Philosophy of identity and self-identity is a big topic in metaphysics. Who are we, what defines us, what parts of us need to change in order for us to no longer be ourselves, etc.

One topic I find particularly interesting is whether and why people do or don’t see their lives like a narrative.

For example, do you see yourself as the protagonist in a kind of story, a protagonisht whose identity remains stable, a story with an overall plot, with obstacles and conflicts to overcome, with character development and progression, with scene and setting and chapters?

Or do you not see your life like a narrative at all–perhaps more as a collection of loosely related (or even unrelated) episodes, where your sense of self doesn’t really carry forward from one episode to the next?

Perhaps somewhere in between?

I see Life as a Great Adventure. What I experience is entirely up to me. I’d like to live without any cliff hangers. The Universe provides to Us what we expect to receive. If we are Positive, Life tends to be good. Those of Us who are Paranoid about this whole virus situation live lives of Fear and loneliness. I choose to live without Fear. I don’t expect to ever get sick, and generally, that’s how my Life unfolds. I wear my mask because I have to, not because I’m afraid of getting sick. It keeps my boss happy to be half-hidden, and that keeps my job secure. A small price to pay for stability and peace.