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Editing Short Stories

*I sent “Eminent Domain” through Grammarly Premium. Looking over those marks, I recommended a few changes, based on correctness and a little sentence structure. I do not plan to look over this story again.

*Michael, would you like me to do a GP (Premium) look at Doll with Scorch Mark Eyes? Some of the suggestions coming out of that program are really good.

*I edited Crate 214. I like the physical description that Tom added at the end. I enjoyed reading it. It moves quickly, which is good. Most of the suggestions that I made address clarity and varied word choice. At this point, I am struggling to find a term that I can substitute for “door” and that is not “portal”, which would sound weird.

Ty Julie, I made the changes which made sense, as far as what you said concerning the Mr vs Mr. and such. It should be fine now, as there were very few suggestions remaining. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thought there was a lot of doors also when I was reading it. Even doorway would be a nice change in some places or entrance/exit.

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threshold, access, archway, security gate

To whom it may concern : D

I have the 3rd draft of Entry Level

(Submissions folder / Dave Lockwood)