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Electric Bike vs Regular Bike: Do I Need an Upgrade?

Originally published at: Electric Bike vs Regular Bike: Do I Need an Upgrade? • Joe's Writers' Club

By Melvin Chux Bicycles: those two-wheeled machines that have been making our lives easy since 1817. The motive behind this idea was to create a mode of transportation that was easy to maintain and powered by one man. While humans have their shortcomings, one thing is certain: we always look for ways to improve on existing ideas. It is this spirit of innovation that led to the creation of electric bikes. By adding a motor and battery to mechanical bicycles, the amount of physical energy required for movement is reduced. If you have a regular bike, the thought of upgrading to an electric one might have crossed your mind at least once. We’ve evaluated them for you so you don’t have to. We’ll assume you know everything about a regular bike, so let’s look at the extra functions an electric bike brings. It Helps the Working Class Cyclist People cycle to work for many reasons: to keep fit, save money, or simply because they don’t have a car. Individuals who fall under this class all have a common problem, the physical exertion makes you sweat a lot. A quick shower at the workplace is a common remedy. However, not every…