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Eric LeGrand Faces a New Journey as Coffee House Owner

Originally published at: Eric LeGrand Faces a New Journey as Coffee House Owner • Joe's Writers' Club

Eric LeGrand Has a Vision for a Coffee House The vision of building a coffee shop started during 2020. Now, Eric LeGrand has opened his coffee house on May 14,. LeGrand Coffee House is located at 10 Green Street Woodbridge, New Jersey, LeGrand’s hometown, and as stated on the website, “will be sourcing extraordinary coffees from a local roaster and serve traditional baked goods and food items.” Source: There are four main types of coffee available at the LeGrand Coffee House store right now: Columbia: “A single-origin medium roast with hints or red apple and orange mixed with a milk chocolate flavor.”Costa Rica: “A single-origin medium roast with hints of dark chocolate and a sweet, tropical taste” Guatemala: “A single-origin medium roast with full body and hints of caramel, grapefruit and chocolate flavor.”Sumatra: “A single-origin dark roast with an unique taste that is highlighted by a profile of chocolatey and earthy flavors.” We “beELieve” the LeGrand Coffee House Will be a Success Eric Legrand was a defensive lineman for Rutgers University in New Jersey who severely injured his spinal cord during a game against Army on October 16, 2010. Afterwards a fund named “beELieve” was set up by the Rutgers…