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Free Membership

The first step to free membership is to sign up.

After creating an account with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Email and Password you will be granted a basic Trust Level 1.

At this point you should complete our short “New Members” survey:

Next, introduce yourself in the “New Members Forum”:

Once, you’ve completed these initial steps and familiarized yourself with the basic membership access, you will be upgraded to “Trust Level 2” and you will be able to post and reply in other categories.
(At the very beginning you are only able to post in New Members.)

Our club operates on a very personalized level. We want to help you find a team to keep you motivated, exchange your thoughts, and express your creativity.

You will soon be invited to join weekly virtual meetings, and gain access to private rooms and workshops were you can feel comfortable developing your work with curated feedback.

Thank you for taking the first step to becoming a valued member of Joe’s Writers’ Club.