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From Bottom to Top: Class and Sports in TV

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By Mackenzie Beaulieu In the world we live in, the contrast between the economically elite and others is growing wider and wider every day. Sports and opportunities in sports are no different, with the super rich having a clearly outsized advantage and the workers or “little people” in the sport driving the profits of those people. However, in the middle and for people at the bottom, there exists passion and opportunity like few other industries. From the top to the bottom of society, sports represents the best and the worst of us. It’s not only an industry where the poorest, most down-on-their-luck can make good, but one where the rich and privileged make good on the backs of others. Today, three shows show us how the poorest of the poor through the richest of us in our society make good and find value sports. Last Chance U and Starting From The Bottom Last Chance U is a documentary series from Netflix that shows young men from various, but mostly disadvantaged youths, searching for a better life through sports. Life is harder when you’re poor, and while there are certainly issues with young, mostly minority men seeing sports as their way…