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How to Get Ahead in Sports With Healthy Living

Originally published at: How to Get Ahead in Sports With Healthy Living • Joe's Writers' Club

By Dickson Nyarangi Maintaining a high quality of life is directly proportional to your health and fitness levels. Each day, we make choices that have a lasting effect on not only the present but also the future. Physical activity and diet are the cornerstones of health and longevity, regardless of whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete. It keeps you from getting sick and missing games and makes you perform your best when on the field or court. But how do you ensure you get ahead in sports by staying healthy? Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet A big part of staying healthy is eating a healthy, balanced diet. Your body needs the right amount of nutrients from food to help keep you strong and prevent illness. A balanced diet includes grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat. It also includes low-fat or fat-free options when possible. Eat five to six small meals each day instead of three large ones; this will help keep your metabolism steady, so you burn calories more efficiently throughout the day. Add in snacks if you’re feeling hungry between meals—but make sure they’re healthy snacks! Strength Training Strength training is essential for building muscle and…