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I Had a 12-hour Tension Headache: Here's What I Wish I'd Known

Originally published at: I Had a 12-hour Tension Headache: Here's What I Wish I'd Known - Joe's Writers' Club

By Tiffany Chaney The ice pick planted itself in my brain sometime around 9 p.m. last night, and the headache lasted for 12 hours. It’s a situation I wasn’t used to, though my mother had cluster headaches throughout her life. I was out of aspirin and didn’t have the energy to drive, so I did what we usually do: shut myself in a dark room and tried to sleep it off. I realized I had ingested a lot of coffee but little water and experienced unusual stress— producing a tension headache. So, I drank water throughout the night, took a little potassium (to soothe electrolyte imbalance) and magnesium (known to help prevent migraines), and used a cool compress to help get through the rough parts. I don’t advise anyone to take these supplements for this reason, as I took this action because I know my body. That said, I want to talk about the common causes of headaches we don’t often think about—since prevention is the best medicine. What Causes Tension Headaches? The causes of headaches vary from individual to individual, but according to Harvard Health, the most common triggers include: caffeine withdrawal (Guilty.)stress (Yup.)lack of sleep fatigue (Ouch, yes.)hungerabrupt cessation…