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In the spirit of creative fun my thoughts bent on what was next for us, and inevitably the muse went back to an old idea that I’ve wanted to do since the beginning. (The library days) I had been talking with Tom T. about writing a novel with some club members. The goal is to emulate “and the Hippos were boiled in their Tanks,” an early product of the Beat Generation. Two founding beats wrote chapter for chapter, and by so doing churned out a novel, the concept of which always seemed cool to me. It isn’t everyone who can do something like that, being able to collaborate as well as trust another creative to go through the outlining process. The beats in question had the advantage of telling a story that they all knew, trying to relate the events which led to a murder in their local community. The goal for us at JWC is to write fiction (sci-fi / mystery in this case) and engage such a project from beginning to end, so that the overall process is evaluated and on record for purposes of study. Please feel free to follow this experiment and comment. :relieved:

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Project Outline:

Ricky O’s Chapter Dump:

Tom T’s Chapter Dump:

Paul F’s Chapter Dump:

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Military presence?
How many hotels are there?
Is there a Best Western here also?
The dark side is strictly for energy and mineral generation.
Asteroids are brought back to the dark side for extraction.
The stricken Saturn ship is on its way to the moon. It is going to be placed in a new hangar just 100 yards from the Hilton.

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The victim is a cop who has an idea where the body is. when he makes plans to go out and look for the body, he is killed. The author stumbles upon him just after he is killed. He sees someone running away, but doesn’t see enough to identify them.

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Transcript from the 2nd half of the meeting.

16:09:02 Remember,
16:09:08 versus in the forums is it into forums or is it in the. Now let’s say the forums, you should get the little message next to your picture, but if you go to word draft novels, and it’s sitting there, I created a topic, where the outlines already open anybody
16:09:23 that wants to throw down I’m throwing questions down for the first act. Okay.
16:09:29 The second act is going to be this whole somebody dies.
16:09:34 That’s, that’s important, but we got to get a establishment First, we got to figure out, and I got I got questions anybody that wants to throw it out, or questions or likes look stuff up.
16:09:46 And once we get act one and act to do that it’s just about talking fun and figure it out how this does the ship returned.
16:09:54 Uh, is there some conspiracy directly related to the novel he’s writing, and that the person who died maybe was supposed to be him.
16:10:03 Yeah, that’s that’s the thing to ramp up Ted shed. He’s there to write this he she whatever I’m not, I’m not trying to put a masculine face on it. I put his New York is the author is she he Cyborg hybrid.
16:10:18 I just asked that question we could figure out what the author is right. But whoever they are, if we make them involved with whatever conspiracy is afoot, then we can do a lot of tension with that you know we could do the old, the old Hitchcock thing
16:10:32 where the author’s walking through the lobby and he’s looking for something and he says excuse me to the first person he, he meets, and it talked for a few minutes and meanwhile the Hitman is watching.
16:10:45 and he thinks that the author was meeting with the guy he’s supposed to kill so he’s also going to go after the author because the authors obviously got to be involved with his hit two people to hit.
16:11:00 So somebody stalking the author, as well as the, the guy, but he realizes that the guy I talked to the day before yesterday was just killed flushed out of the airlock.
16:11:13 I actually didn’t quote unquote, yo.
16:11:19 I like to just ask two questions. Basically, Number one.
16:11:25 How long has this hotel been around for, like,
16:11:37 We want to be the first novel was ever.
16:11:42 Like,
16:11:42 it would be pretty extreme for nobody that have written a novel there and 45 years, I think, maybe 25 years, maybe it’s been just basically, it’s been in operation for a while, but this is the tourism is just barely starting to take off right yeah i mean
16:11:59 you gotta, you gotta say like after after 50 years I mean, yeah, so the first thing someone’s going to do is write a novel.
16:12:07 I mean if it we could work that stuff out, it could be. I mean the way this guy wants to plan to do stuff it’s supposed to escalate very quickly within a within a 1010 to 20 year time span.
16:12:20 He wants to have a base on the moon.
16:12:22 So that’s a 10 to 15 year optimistic. Okay, we’ll just say 30 years 2530 years, and then there’s a hotel with all of entities on the book at 70.
16:12:37 He wants to charge billionaires like 200 million like play $2 million per seat.
16:12:44 Go back and forth. So he wants to he wants to do that as soon as possible, because that just makes everybody and it gives this industry a reason to thrive.
16:12:53 I’m going to be right back guys I gotta get my charger, the outlines open anybody wants to throw it out questions. All right, I’ll be right back. Okay.
16:13:02 I’m recording the transcripts now too.
16:13:06 Alright so.
16:13:09 The hotel has to be operational to such a point where, let’s call it middle class people could now go to the moon, the Hilton is not the only hotel they’re all the same.
16:13:24 It’s still, you know so so expensive most people, you know, spin, at most three days there.
16:13:32 You know, so he wants to stay there long enough to write a novel, somebody’s got to have gonna have to back.
16:13:39 Oh, yes. Yeah, or or or maybe he got a job.
16:13:46 And he’s actually they’re working in the tourism industry is this is part time thing.
16:13:51 Yeah, and he’s writing the novel and leaving after his shift is over, that gets him more access to things that the average tourist doesn’t have access to also sure no he might.
16:14:01 He might get clarity on.
16:14:06 Oh, maybe.
16:14:07 Well, they’d have to be something that would keep them stranded there or something that would have to keep them stranded there. Well that would that would as well if it’s possible that they would have some kind of contracts that says he can’t go back
16:14:21 until he works off. What, because it costs money to get him there.
16:14:25 So, yeah, maybe it costs the million dollars to get him there and he has to work for a year just to pay off enough to get his returns to get you know that he’s that okay that’s indentured servitude so I don’t know if I do that, it could just be where
16:14:40 he’s, he’s working there for some reason, he maybe he’s a. He needs a job, or he could be a hacker who’s been in prison he’s offered a chance to work the bugs out of the hotel.
16:14:54 operating system.
16:14:56 And that’s his job is during the day is to whip through the millions and millions and millions of lines of code to try to get the app The hotel is still a little quirky, baby.
16:15:07 And that could be, so he’s a AI work release program, sort of play Saturday though I mean it wouldn’t wouldn’t you think that robots would be writing all the code.
16:15:23 And all the more reason for somebody to have to debug it. Right.
16:15:31 Yeah. Maybe the code was originally written by humans and the, the halfway through the robots took over, and it had to be a complete mess, but there was trying to figure out what the humans wrote misinterpreting everything yeah now in the in the breakfast
16:15:46 in the morning you’ll get breakfast coffee will be motor oil right oh and once in a while and. Right.
16:15:56 If you if you start going down that route. It’s gonna be pretty heavy on the technical research
16:16:05 into it but you know I mean, just, just has to sound like every other physical risk, right. If
16:16:16 I don’t know what language is going to be around in 2017 so we’ll just make it sound good.
16:16:22 That’s it.
16:16:24 You know, and we’re going to pass somebody who knows computer languages get an idea that yeah the speed is feasible. Go ahead, Mike, you could just you could just simplify it and make him a bellhop.
16:16:34 Haha, I mean that’ll give them access to lots of areas in the, in the hotel, well below, probably be a good idea. Yes. So, he would have be either either.
16:16:49 You know the supervising the bell captain of a bunch of robots, or, or the US, it could be that they have human bellhop so that it’s, it’s the taste of Earth.
16:17:06 Doesn’t happen, not everything has to be has to be mechanized right. Just be it’s it’s a throwback to life on earth and people are more like what
16:17:17 allows wizard kind of guy though, like what a few like
16:17:22 there’s any.
16:17:25 It’s sunny Eclipse. There’s basically any
16:17:30 by Walt Disney World humor failed on you guys, um, I didn’t know I don’t know.
16:17:35 I don’t know that one. Sorry. There’s a in Tomorrowland, there’s a restaurant where they have that lounge singing alien animatronic and he hates things like snippets of old jazz standards, but Outer Space themed is called sunny Eclipse.
16:17:56 Well, you know, it would be kind of cool if he was if he was the resort’s golf pro.
16:18:03 Like, and people were playing golf on the moon, like it would be completely different. That might be interesting to almost like yeah almost like that.
16:18:12 Who’s that
16:18:15 the computer generated guy back in the 80s who did that Pepsi commercials
16:18:23 headroom. Yeah, yeah.
16:18:26 Almost like that but you know more of.
16:18:32 And, you know anatomically correct, you know full bodied person like where you get the glitches and everything else.
16:18:39 Oh, this guy has to be a human though he’s not, he’s not artificial right because you know we’d have to do is just delete him, although that would be an amazing twist, because he thinks he’s the first man so right and I’m on the moon and then he finds
16:18:54 out he’s just an Android.

16:18:57 And he’s like, there’s a game I like to play as well follow up for, and there’s a character in that game that believes himself human but he’s certainly an Android, and everyone knows he’s an Android but he believes himself to be so human everyone else
16:19:11 takes him to be human.
16:19:13 And there’s, you know, there’s this.
16:19:16 It’s an incredible amount of humanity towards this character. And then once you realize he’s actually an Android.
16:19:30 It makes sense.
16:19:28 Radiohead song.
16:19:35 That was from the 90s so I would assume that came first.
16:19:39 Probably stolen from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
16:19:46 Oh, is an Android in that story happens in the Paranoid Android. Hmm. Exactly.
16:19:49 indeed they call him the Paranoid Android Oh, yeah.
16:19:54 Okay, I wonder if the radio but it’s got it, got it from hitchhikers I guess, yeah, I’m sure they did.
16:20:06 Yeah, it depends which one came first though, I guess.
16:20:05 Definitely.
16:20:07 from the 16th.
16:20:16 All right, well, that a second question I can’t remember what it is now.
16:20:23 How long ago was established is important, then all this other espionage stuff, I want to kind of just get an idea of why that’s happening.
16:20:32 And also it’s. I’m a little confused as to what’s happening just in the book first is what’s happening in actuality, in the story.
16:20:42 I guess that’s part of the mystery of it, because it’s all we want, we want we want a little. We want a little of that confusion.
16:20:51 If it’s a fictional account of a missing ship, like the missing ship. Okay, like will say that before there was the hotel on the moon. May launch these vessels to go do some stuff out in the deeper part of the solar system.
16:21:08 And it was before the mining operation got started.
16:21:13 The entry has to do with perhaps some people he’s meeting with.
16:21:19 Maybe there’s some people who he’s interviewing.
16:21:23 Maybe there’s some people who he’s talking to, as a matter of a professional opinion.
16:21:28 And when that personnel gets mixed up in some other stuff.
16:21:33 I just think that you need to have everything going for your attention wants.
16:21:40 Like if it’s just going to be a vanilla ice cream novel that he’s writing about.
16:21:45 That’s one thing.
16:21:47 But if he’s writing about a missing ship there’s all this entry.
16:21:52 And you know, He, it can spill over into real life.
16:21:56 Yeah, I agree it should be. it should be a novel that requires some research.
16:22:05 I said, I agree that it’s a novel that should require research that he’s actually digging into right picture.
16:22:13 Yeah, yeah well I mean that’s that’s how it would work. Regardless, you know you’d want it like we’re going to do research to figure out what the what the moves that we’ll see I think that’s why I think it would be better if he’s writing a novel about
16:22:28 something in the past. And he’s, he’s like, he’s actually he would be in the past fine you know if it was way in the future, he could be researching like something that’s still futures to us but it would make more sense if it’s past us, or at least like
16:22:43 a period piece about modern day us, you know where he’s digging into research to find out and then the settings are different, like, but it’s still confusing because he’s emulating characters that he’s witnessing in this hotel.
16:23:01 And then, like, kind of, you know exaggerating them and saying they’re doing these things but then it it ties into the intrigue of
16:23:22 really doing this or is this. He’s specializing things in his head and getting confused and I don’t want to get too deep, because we only have 50,000 words.
16:23:22 Yeah. Yeah, we don’t want to keep this could be like the novel that never ends. I mean you could, I would like I would like it to be like 50,000 words, I don’t I don’t even want it to be.
16:23:35 Beyond that, let’s, let’s see how this goes. you know, because it’s it’s it’s attainable with three people it’s highly attainable, to be intimidated, you know, with what you’re building, I mean you’re doing something in the future, that has all of this
16:23:53 takes place in outer space. So you’re going to go one of two ways if you’re if you’re going to stick closely to 50,000 words, you’re going to either spend a lot of time world building on a small on a, on a simple plot, or you’re going to skimp on the
16:24:12 world building and make everything as familiar as possible while you have an intriguing deep.
16:24:23 Yes, yeah.
16:24:28 Yeah, I take it one of two ways. Right.
16:24:30 Yeah no i i agree i don’t think you need colossal world building it’s not the the wonderful Kingdom of ours. It’s a lunar base.
16:24:42 I mean, it’s been covered in plenty of science fiction.
16:24:46 Just go as out into it and you know everyone dies where you are in a burger. And we could, we could do another novel space in the same place and just further build one the world.
16:24:59 Yeah.
16:25:01 Look, if you want to do sequels, that’s fine. All I’m saying is, is this one in particular, will keep to that lights, and then maybe we’ll see like let it be a novella for now that if you team see.
16:25:15 How about this, what if, what if he is writing a fictionalized story about the pioneers, that settled to the base, it’s sort of in line with what Ricky was saying about the ship.
16:25:30 But maybe he catches on to something, even though he’s fixing it.
16:25:31 He sort of catches on to a conspiracy, somebody died before Yeah.
16:25:39 On this face and there’s a cover up exactly and so, yeah, then thereafter him, and he’s got to like, hide out in this hotel or who knows like I don’t know, but something like that.
16:25:51 Yeah.
16:26:06 Original designers and builders disappeared, and no one ever figured out where he went. And he stumbles upon a clue as to where this designer, went to became part of the foundation or something maybe he finds the body, I mean at all.
16:26:11 as the hotels golf pro.
16:26:15 Maybe he’s out in like the middle of nowhere collecting all the golf balls that are they buried the body out on the dark side of the moon, kind of like how how how Alan was talking about it, investigating the area of the moon that the earth never sees.
16:26:33 So maybe the one of the founders is buried in that area of the moon and because he’s a golf pro and he’s going out to these different areas that nobody else really explores he finds the body.
16:26:48 There’s no bacteria, there’s no atmosphere, there’s no water on the moon so the body is completely intact. As decompose so he’s easily recognizable, which means that all of the the the wounds that the damage that the body suffered is also intact.
16:27:05 Right, so he knows who it is, right away. He knows how he died, but he just wants, he’s trying to figure out why.
16:27:15 And who killed, or who yeah who and why, how, who were all those questions yeah usual, and that the guy could have his name tag right still on them. yeah well he’s recognizable so he doesn’t need.
16:27:27 He’s very famous. Yeah, it could be like Ilan Musk, there could be a picture of him hanging in the lobby because he’s one of the guys that right built the hotel.
16:27:37 And, but there’s got to be at least four or five who done it people’s cars yeah you need the red herrings.
16:27:44 Keep Of course yeah you need the red herrings. Yeah, but it’s a detective. It’s a mystery story based on that.
16:27:48 Beautiful. And then he decides to the death story.
16:27:55 What is that the end of the second act like, where would that were that discovery occur, finding the body, at the end of the first act, early.
16:28:05 or maybe not even, not even the inciting incident.
16:28:09 Yeah.
16:28:10 Discovery.
16:28:13 We have to know enough about him and he still a writer.
16:28:20 Yeah. Now it’s like we’ve come up with with it.
16:28:22 And we’ve come up with a tale that the whole writer on the moon is incidental and doesn’t even need to be worked into the plot.
16:28:33 Right. That’s true.
16:28:35 So perhaps it’s all in the first paragraph, like, yes, writer, Moon space station duck first burger.
16:28:45 Maybe he is not really a golf pro, but he plays golf but on earth. He was maybe an investigator, and he gets some kind of inkling.
16:28:59 Maybe the widow or the family, asked him to look into where their dad or their grandfather, when when he disappeared. So he goes there undercover as the golf pro, to look around.
16:29:12 And he’s the one he bet specifically he’s out there.
16:29:16 Collecting golf balls looking for any signs of.
16:29:20 He told me he could be playing golf with a trillion, because they’re in the same hotel.
16:29:27 Like this gets to a whole like hotel bar situation where this author is probably the least afterward.
16:29:36 And you could have a bunch of different military you could have guessed it are like millionaires billionaires. You mean business we’re getting towards character outlines situation.
16:29:48 I mean, we still have a few more things like holes the stuff in the x, but anybody starts coming up with ideas the characters, just start jotting down the nice sounds like 50,000 words, honestly.
16:30:09 I think the one protagonists, like that, as Ricky just said, the general like have a general to be the protagonists.
16:30:17 Yeah well yeah but at a bar with these people we don’t have to know their date of birth and their social security number, we just have to know that their, their guests at the bar mean they’re ancillary characters that that’s, it’s it’s I mean who is it
16:30:28 what is it going to be an empty, empty hotel I mean it’s got to have people at it, we have to establish it scale. Well, the question How many, how many people would be in this hotel on average detective stories were under work well and 50,000 words, I
16:30:43 I mean having a couple myself, they don’t. It doesn’t, you can keep it under that, within that range. Yeah, I’m not worried about that.
16:30:53 But this one has a story within a story and it’s like, you know, he’s a writer and he’s a golf pro and he’s meeting all these characters, I don’t know, maybe, maybe, maybe I’m just thinking too deeply into it but am I worried that he’s an investigative
16:31:09 reporter, playing a golf pro or is
16:31:29 It just gets invited to play by this rich dude, and he’s like, what are you doing here snappy. And he’s like oh my first novel is like Hall I boy I thought I wish I, I wish I thought of that, you know he’s like I just invested in all these rocks out there
16:31:31 you know and you know we figure out what that is, what that means, you know, what kind of stylization we want to put on the future, when it takes place and stuff.
16:31:42 That’s that could be outlined with the research like when whoever sits down to do the research you could take down notes. Like, how big the moon complex and supposed to be in real life, doubling.
16:31:54 How many people are supposed to be in their triplet, how many launch pads, add a few more change it, there’s the satellite network around the moon. There’s relay stations.
16:32:03 Right, it’s just, it’s all bunch of sci fi tropes that it’s very that’s all that’s all the world building that.
16:32:13 That’s all that’s all the world building that. That’s all that needs to be done. That’s it.
16:32:18 Because what amenities, does this whole hotel have every advantage of activity, what percentage of activity on this moon surface is the hotel is that the main thing that’s going on or is there tons of other stuff going on.
16:32:33 Besides the hotel.
16:32:36 You know, I would imagine that they have all the amenities out of the keep the pool.
16:32:39 As far as other infrastructure is concerned, there would be a spaceport, and they would be launching missions to Mars, and they would be launching missions of exploration into the solar system, and they would be launching missions to this the stellar
16:32:55 mining operation that they’re using to mind all the materials that are out there for the purposes of building.

Transcript Continued:

16:33:03 You know deep space ships, one day, which they’re just working on it come comet mining mining comment.
16:33:11 Yeah, yeah should be sure commentary I spit up a variety of chemicals that are worth harvesting, maybe even water, you know, all that stuff’s great, it’s easy, it’s easy to say that they have plans for it.
16:33:25 That’s just the incidental thing in the Expo. Like, you talk about a space for you talk about what it’s for, just bam bam bam like that, I, I’m pretty sure that’ll be me.
16:33:36 I love world building. Just let me set that one up in my opinion that should be like, and it doesn’t have to be chapter one, but it’s probably going to be the first thing that I write.
16:33:45 All right, and then you guys can start laying it out in other ways.
16:33:50 So main character is the author.
16:33:58 And
16:33:58 there’s the millionaire the general hotel manager.
16:34:08 Whoo, the bus, or not the bus, but the bellhop,
16:34:14 Captain Bell captain, head of security.
16:34:30 Made you got maids and bartenders and chefs ancillary characters but yeah yeah but it’s good to account for that but yeah they’re they’re way way way and then also how, how many how many of these positions are going to be filled by robots.
16:34:40 I would imagine a considerable amount of the manual labor, serving drinks, I thought that if the bellhop was a robot that would end up being something cool.
16:34:53 Yeah, Bart bartenders shouldn’t be robots bartenders should be human labor. Sure yeah should not be robots.
16:35:01 Okay. They do a pretty good job on the bartenders provide that that one to one conversation. So, oh yeah something that you would want to maybe the bar, maybe the bar back is a robot but the bartender is not
16:35:16 something like the idea of the bellhop being a robot but not knowing he’s a robot I don’t know if you were going that way, Alan.
16:35:23 I kind of was.
16:35:25 It’s kind of like if if someone’s mind was synthesized with, like they are a robot but they have these.
16:35:37 The hippocampus of a human being actually installed into the robot brain like they were somehow
16:35:46 transplanted to a robot but yeah like an actual human being was sacrifice.
16:35:58 Happens came into a robot body
16:35:59 scenario. Well, yeah, but it’s a standard it’s a standard cyber Park slash rakers well singularity inevitability is digital immortality, to me that’s just the sci fi trope that could be imported or or whatever, rather are robots that are robots vendors
16:36:10 androids that are like, I’m sure. And that I’m sure that it is something to play with, you know, the tension and whatever was the Android might be just as scared for its life as any of the flesh and blood that are walking around.
16:36:31 And then there’s an AI component with with, like, I guess, maybe the lunar base has a central computer.
16:36:38 Do we want to do that type of thing that that automates landings and space traffic’s.
16:36:45 Okay. Yeah, it shouldn’t live anyhow.
16:36:50 Yeah, well it’s very limited we don’t want it to be able to to open up a window and evacuate room for 242 BY Yeah.
16:37:02 We don’t want it to get silly too quickly. Maybe we do want that.
16:37:04 Haha. So because that could put the investigator in danger. Yeah, how that happened was, that’s how how 9000 from 2001. Yeah, so that that could be an interesting point where Oh, all of a sudden his window opens and he’s getting sucked out into the atmosphere,
16:37:24 and he managed to save himself, and he’s got to figure out who’s trying to kill him.
16:37:29 Yeah. all the security bots seemed to be watching him.
16:37:48 You know, and he knows that they’re watching him and they pretend not to be, but
16:37:42 it’s got to be someone important to them.
16:37:47 All the richest people are actually androids at this point in time.
16:37:55 You mean you mean the people for all now in our time. They are the ones that just slid down into home plate and got away with the immortality ski, they’re the first ones that got away with it today would be economically divine, and now they’re counting
16:38:12 their cyber medic years you know they’re they’re all warm up, I’m 200 years old, day from Thursday, but I’ve only been in the skin for in the metal skin for the last year, something like that.
16:38:27 That would be interesting.
16:38:28 Sure, is they would also be the ones that would want to cover stuff up because, you know, they wouldn’t be nice for it. Yeah, it’s like you You can’t escape justice because you die.
16:38:40 So yes, face justice for whatever they did, because you’re not human anymore does not mean you escaped justice.
16:38:48 Or are you human anymore,
16:38:54 not be that could be something to do with the characters origin story to his he would have been born in a time like well beyond, like when this all began.
16:39:05 And, you know, because he’s kind of a young guy maybe he’s like 30 or something. So sort of been born like one of the 2014 2015.
16:39:14 And, you know, and there could be implications like he got stuck.
16:39:20 I don’t know, like whatever it is like, you know, maybe he went to like state college or some pattern or what it has been, you know, I’m trying to say like he has some kind of like his character was built, because of the socio economic reasons, you know.
16:39:40 Yeah, like whatever, whatever that is.
16:39:44 Maybe his parents were stuck in indentured servitude. You know, like we could take it that way, or something.
16:39:54 Sure.
16:39:57 Especially if there’s this whole thing about cybernetics extending your life and all that, and then.
16:40:12 Yeah, I don’t know that opens up a whole nother can of worms, you know that that’s a huge deep thing there.
16:40:12 It is not, it’s not something we have to explore tremendously. It could be something that said the distance. These trillion airs are not going to want to have normal talk.
16:40:22 Okay, the billionaires, maybe a few of them are quirky, then they want to lower themselves to talking to someone like our author author is like millionaire ish.
16:40:33 Okay, he’s doing this to further his career.
16:40:37 It turns out that he thought of it, it turns out he has sponsors to get it done. And so yes, but you know maybe he regrets the topic he chose because this stuff’s coming down on it like a hammer it out right now people are asking him questions.
16:40:52 He was researching now he’s being researched by the general like what is this book. What about his wife and daughter back on Earth.
16:41:00 Well, that’s another thing that’s if if he’s male. We have yet to decide that. Like I said, there’s plenty of questions.
16:41:11 There’s plenty of questions right here. So what is also the billionaires. They basically, first of all, they don’t need a space suit, because they’re inside of an Android body they can just walk around the moon like they’re playing skin.
16:41:27 Right. Number two, it depends on what that would be cool level right i mean it can be technologically feasible. Right. Sure.
16:41:37 Well there’s more there’s more though, so the other thing is, is they don’t have to fly back and forth between the moon and earth because they just have another body on Earth.
16:41:46 They just have to send their consciousness.
16:42:00 You know, so, where they can be in both places at once even, you know, or something like that.
16:41:59 That’s deep world building kind of
16:41:59 it suggested, it’s a good idea for fluff. And it will be bad should that the lunar satellite array helps their continuity, so that they’re updated between their two three bodies that they have, that’ll just be that
16:42:14 he can know he can know one of the characters on Earth, before he leaves. And then the guy can be can be his boss and the guy can say, I’m sending you to the moon, I’ll see you when you get there, right nothing, you know.
16:42:28 Yeah. And when you’re when you get your you turn yourself off on earth and go to the moon, you can call yourself your flicked.
16:42:37 Well, I don’t think the main character should be a, an Android I think he has to take the spaceship over, but the richest people do have like full consciousness and multiple bodies and and all that, you know, 500,000 word book.
16:42:55 Right.
16:42:55 So what’s the resolution, what’s the resolution, how does this end, I mean, how would it then. Well that is a wonderful question. We don’t have that we have very little that’s going on with the third act right now.
16:43:06 I began the character outline based on these either sci fi tropes or mystery tropes which is what it is sci fi mystery. Probably some elements of horrific murder sooner or later.
16:43:19 Depends on what we want to do for a rating.
16:43:22 But how it ends. I’m not sure yet, it’s it’s what our first two acts are populating nicely but our third act, it remains hollow, because we’re still putting some stops together.
16:43:39 be some with the dark side. Well, we have, we already have the golf players finding the body. And then there’s murder investigation, they find that body at the air that I like rifles idea that they find it at the end of that blog.
16:43:52 Right, okay. Alright so the vo I know what it can be alright so maybe he finds the billionaire’s body on the moon, and then therefore the juices that the consciousness inside of the cyborg billionaire is not actually the billionaire, but it was like his
16:44:11 business partner on earth that like screwed him over and took his assumed his identity, or something like that.
16:44:20 You know, because if if the billionaires bodies on the moon. We like, historically, it was shown that he got the consciousness transfer on Earth. So his body wouldn’t be on the moon, you know something, I don’t know, I’m not the body he was killed before
16:44:35 this consciousness zapping back and forth on the technology.
16:44:42 I’m taking it to complete sci fi here, and I’m saying that
16:44:48 people are able to kind of use cameras and zone in on stars and use that, you know, not not zone in but you know take like some sort of like hyper land and take the energy from stars that are billions of light years of boy, and use that to produce energy
16:45:09 and have that be powering the dark side of the moon and so there’s some some some already existing colony on the dark side of the moon.
16:45:21 That is harvesting these light waves from stars that are, you know, light years away. Do I understand that dark side of the moon is only enrolled in relation to to earner right time correct and still shines over there all the time you know every two weeks.
16:45:41 It’s like ever yeah yes true and then when it when it when the moon is empty, on our side, like the other side’s light, like basically.
16:45:51 So, doing a lunar eclipse.
16:45:56 was that so that’s during a solar eclipse.
16:46:00 That side of the moon is bright. So right, the only the only way that I think our timeline could be comfortable with the idea which I liked the idea.
16:46:09 It would have to be that there’s daily at base of the moon that we made contact with aliens, they have that kind of technology, because I don’t think that human beings will have that kind of technology in our timetable.
16:46:23 We’re talking about like on the khaki scale that’s another level of civilization.
16:46:27 We’re going in this story we’re going from zero to one, zero is the stupid stuff we’re doing now, which is just making war and killing each other and fighting over nonsense.
16:46:37 And one is we’re in space and we’re using space.
16:46:41 To the best of its ability Three, two is like you’re using the star, to the best of your ability. You know, to the point of where you’re doing amazing things with Dyson spheres and plasma and second swords and had like three is like, I’m starting to be
16:46:56 able to use gravity drives warp drives wormholes to navigate the space, you know, to get light waves or any kind of ways but this the planet requires a jump at scale.
16:47:08 So it’s cool idea it’s just it would not have to be human, it would have to be like our friends that we just met. Like 10 years ago, maybe there would be some sort of railroad system that’s set up on the moon where there’s basically a solar array that
16:47:25 travels on this railroad system across the moon that is being built by robots that follows at tracks the sun, as the moon orbits.
16:47:36 So it’s constantly getting energy.
16:47:41 You know, and it’s constantly feeding, whatever systems are running from this hotel.
16:47:51 You know, so yeah.
16:47:55 No, I’m down I’m taking notes.
16:47:55 All right, I’m taking notes for there’s an idea that the alien base maybe the aliens that live on the dark side of the moon, don’t want us going on the dark side of the moon they say you stay on your side of the moon will stay on ours.
16:48:10 So the dark side of the moon is basically off limits to humans. That’s why when he finds the dead body in the dark side of the moon he’s actually taking out his life in his hands because he could be killed at any moment by the patrolling alien set, make
16:48:25 Make sure the don’t people cross the border. Yeah, but if he’s, if, if that’s if that’s known if that’s law on the moon. Why would he go into the dark side of the moon and find the body.
16:48:42 a baby see something reflected in like just 100 yards, into the dark side it’s the guys the dead guys stay why would, why would he go though.
16:48:52 Well,
16:48:54 if, if that’s in effect, right why would he go over there, like life to go over there. Just Oh, well there’s there’s one thing that comes to mind.
16:49:04 What I’ll show you there is an interspecies relationship with one of the aliens.
16:49:12 So she joins him, he she enjoys him while they’re playing golf, and they get to walk over the neutral zone because she’s diplomatically, whatever. And then because of that he stumbles on the body and it turns into this whole unraveling nightmare and write
16:49:31 And right there relationship could be used to stress and tension it’s not like political like cold war tensions but practically agitating the situation, maybe hurt people are like, why are you even dating this this up right monkey.
16:49:48 They could be.
16:49:53 How would these aliens even live on the moon there’s no atmosphere. So, yeah, it doesn’t matter if they’re if first of all if they’re getting if you’re getting energy waves from from multi parsecs solar beings.
16:50:06 Yeah, well look if you want to make them have the theoretic bodies, that’s fine too. I was going to say that they have tentacles they’re not all terrible looking but they were suits.
16:50:19 Yeah, and whatever is just getting too too deep and complex So, Yeah.
16:50:26 It’s going to be a rich 50,000.
16:50:29 I mean this is stuff where you’re, you’re, in order to get this across your world building is going to be mostly hand waving, and people are going to have a lot of questions.
16:50:41 If you’re going to stay within 50,000 words.
16:50:44 Well, look, we have the parallel there, though, look, the alien base is believable. Okay. Allen had an idea and we’re like, how could we use that idea daily basis believable.
16:50:58 I’m doing the moon building outline right now as far as what it’s going to take what needs to be explained lunar base lunar rail spaceport alien base is optional, we delete Oh is that I do.
16:51:13 I know I know why I know why somebody would never go to the dark side of the moon normally is because GPS is in on that side of the moon.
16:51:22 Basically, like so, the side that faces Earth has communication with the satellites and stuff. You go to the other side, you have no communication you lose navigation, you’re basically just winging it at that point.
16:51:36 So it’s not that you wouldn’t necessarily go there but like that you wouldn’t be allowed to go there but it would be kind of like an expedition, you know, so maybe that’s why nothing is really on that side because they haven’t made the moon navigation
16:51:52 system. Yet, for some reason, they just, they focus on being on the earth side, all the time.
16:51:58 Okay, so that’s why that’s why they need the body on that side, you know, and then
16:52:12 we’re going to delete the alien base I’m like 10,000 words of Expo by so do.
16:52:10 All right, and then we’ll just keep it simple that there’s just humans and we haven’t found anything yet.
16:52:17 Humans are their various sports, but it’s a decent thing to talk about now we know no Elliot’s because the word count we want to keep it fresh too much.
16:52:25 Yeah, Yeah, so let’s get a little more particular about it, I want to understand what’s really going on on this moon in terms of numbers in terms of population.
16:52:37 Like, I imagine there’s like three mining three competing mining companies maybe with, like, 100 employees each. There’s military from like five countries, and they’re like working together, but there’s like another like 300 soldiers now and then, and
16:52:59 then there’s this hotel, and there’s tourism and you have roughly 100 people at any given time. Like, including employees and tourists and and it’s it’s pretty remote pretty exclusive still, you know.
16:53:14 Yeah, that’s fine.
16:53:17 That would be, like, the extent, unless I’m missing something if there’s other stuff going on than like you know now is, instead of Is there like a bubble like a biodome or something over this, or what.
16:53:34 It’s what it’s going to be is it’s going to be repurpose chips and concrete, 3d printed concrete.
16:53:42 The plan is they want to bring a 3d printer module up there that will print walls lunar ice that they will heat, and then they will use the lunar surface itself to create concrete.
16:53:55 And then they will make the required space. Out of those sealed structures that are like basically modular concrete, like, yeah, yeah sort of add, they’ll have other ships, like he already says he’s got ships these just going to turn into housing once
16:54:13 they get there. Like there was one trip, one trip.
16:54:18 So it’ll be there just like old, the old base. And then there’s the new base which is getting progressively more advanced. And, you know, year after year they add to it, and it’s not going to be a big deal for me that make up the timetable for the expansion,
16:54:33 because I was a surveyor, it’s like a question of subdivision sections like I’ve seen enough filed apps to know how that would work.
16:54:42 So I could design, you know lunar was that, I’m going to do that as my first chapter, like I said, it just get that over with, that we could get to the real story.
16:54:56 So we so we got the guy.
16:55:00 but who dies.
16:55:03 And why the rich Oh, You mean this this new it present time, boy.
16:55:10 Yeah, the best way to work on a whodunit story is to figure out who done it, and work backwards. Right, so you want you want to get your ending. First, so that way you know where the twists are going to go, as you’re writing it.
16:55:27 And also, what you can feasibly do as a red herring.
16:55:31 Yeah, I mean, going back on the adaptation for adaptation part. Maybe it’s the author of that dies, and the whole story is leading up to his death, and why it happened.
16:55:44 And the story is novelization of why he died.
16:55:54 I mean that would be.
16:55:57 I don’t know, maybe the guy, shaking his head no but I’ve been mulling it over.
16:56:05 Well, look, there’s no harm at talk now right, the point the point is, is that these questions with articulated in the open air. It’s the thought space, no is really easy to say.
16:56:17 The question is what is the Yes.
16:56:20 Everybody could think that way, where this meanings almost coming to a conclusion anyway, at least for me, I gotta go at eight.
16:56:28 We got a lot done with this though the outline is getting populated.
16:56:32 I’m going to do my world world building this week, I get that that first chapter of mine. Going which is going to be the loose Expo, of the, of the moon.
16:56:44 As it stands, and I’m going to venture with the spaceport to talk about the mining companies, the military, that’s involved in earth proximity and all that other stuff, and it’s going to be like a real quick thing.
16:57:01 I may extend it off to the next chapter, but anybody that wants to go all whole discussion of this is going to be done on the forums. So type it up. Everybody had to word traffic novel where this is posted.
16:57:32 Do replies to this topic, and let’s have this discussion there and put to practice the thing we’ve been preaching getting the forums going, Ricky anybody that has inspiration, add to the outline but start right in what’s your what’s your thinking.
16:57:36 And we have to listen to what Michael said about Act Three and who is what, like, like in other words, what’s the end game, if it’s going to be a mystery he’s right it’s best to reverse engineer such things you have to do that.
16:57:50 Yeah. Yeah.
16:57:53 All right. Alright, so that was spot on as hell. And now we have something to work on together, and something to post about so great. Oh, I think, Michael needs to say something but then I gotta clarify something before we go to.
16:58:09 Now Ricky I was just going to say maybe you should just copy instead of just putting a link in your JWC lunar novel post on the forum. Yeah, just leave that in there but also put a, an idea of what you’re working on.
16:58:26 Sure, so that any, any strangers who come along.
16:58:31 You know what it’s about. And it’s just a link.
16:58:36 Yeah sure, no problem. I’ll what I’ll do is I’ll put a reply to that, and I’ll throw a couple hundred words down about the nature of the project. and what it is that we’re trying to do or don’t do I edit that original post do put it in there and put it
16:58:59 Alright, so that’s good stuff. everybody has ideas hopefully burden and the views you start to think about stuff you want to do.
16:59:09 And let’s take the next week to go over that stuff and see what I wanted to clarify whether this is a Tuesday project or not. I mean, this seems like a whole side thing.
16:59:22 Like we spent a lot of time on it but, you know, I feel like any like special talk about this should be like a separate meeting specific project.
16:59:35 why it’s not business.
16:59:38 It’s a whole nother it’s turning into a whole nother project now, but yeah but every, everything will follow that model. So, I mean if we write this stuff we’re going to read this stuff on the show, like we’re going to talk about it.
16:59:54 You know, I think right these right, this is, this is, this is good stuff. I mean this is this is why these meetings occurred.
17:00:01 Yeah, I mean we’re all going to talk about our own stuff for the first hour. And then the second hour is this project I mean it’s not that big a deal.
17:00:11 You know, I mean it’s not and we just said it’s not business, we said it’s not a contest. So it’s not a contest we’re writing it for what pad maybe, theoretically, right, but it’s not a money maker so there’s no money involved.
17:00:24 Okay, because that’s why we’re allowed to talk about it.
17:00:27 We’re talking about our own creative obsessions and stuff and what I do in the contest thing, I get it. I mean I never, first of all, I never said launch the context I said plot contest.
17:00:37 Now, I understand we don’t have the personnel for that. But applauding them out and talking about it, I got my way anyway with this, I just wanted to get the creative juices flowing.
17:00:46 That’s it.
17:00:47 Because otherwise we’re going to talk about business and that’s not what we’re here to do. I mean, this will turn into business, it just does every
17:01:11 Tuesday meetings just about sharing our own work, then that’s different, but as soon as you make a group project, it turns into like an endeavor. that’s the collaboration right so
17:01:15 anybody that jumps in and halfway is going to be lost.
17:01:19 You know, so that’s why I’m saying like Tuesday shouldn’t be about, like, special projects or business stuff, it should be, you know, the general leading, you know, and then also the last thing I wanted to say was like for the swap blogging.
17:01:36 Who wants to make a meeting with me. And the next day or to write those articles, I do.
17:01:44 Okay.
17:01:47 I’ll go into all Michael Allen, maybe Ricky.
17:01:52 Yeah. Alright.
17:01:56 Alright so when can we do it. How long do you need per hour for article to how long he kind of yeah let’s try to set two hours aside for it, and.
17:02:07 Okay, hopefully we’ll get we’ll get, we’ll get all the articles written in that amount of time. Right.
17:02:13 Two hours per person.
17:02:19 No all together you’re all going to be working. You’re basically all going to be working like at the same time on your own article but I’m going to be popping in each person’s document, and like, discussing things with you.
17:02:30 Okay, like I think it’s gonna be almost the solitary meeting I might even put you all in your own breakout room, like halfway through so that way.
17:02:39 You know, I can talk to each of you privately, or are we just have to find the time.
17:02:49 Yeah.
17:02:49 All right, well, Tom, you go first that’s tomorrow. I guess I’ll go second that’s Thursday, know everybody’s Ricky everybody’s gonna do it at the same time.
17:03:02 Yeah, I guess if they if that if that’s how the schedule works. Yeah.
17:03:07 Yeah, cuz I don’t want to spend eight hours I want to spend two hours.
17:03:13 But do we have ideas who’s got something ideas or ideas. Yeah, yeah, you all have ideas. I’m good, good works. Yeah.
17:03:22 So I just need you all to agree on a time. That’s all.
17:03:27 So when are you free tomorrow at
17:03:31 630 or show 637, something that that nature.
17:03:36 Yeah. All right, Well, I guess I could try for that.
17:03:41 Okay, that’s good for you, and then now, Alan Are you gonna, are you gonna be in tomorrow.
17:03:49 Yeah, that works tomorrow.
17:03:51 Seven.
17:03:52 Okay, great. Alright so, so yeah.
17:03:58 Yeah, let’s plan on seven tomorrow. In the Zoom Room. Okay.
17:04:01 Okay.
17:04:03 All right. Awesome.

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Awesome stuff.

Allen Jenkins. Investigative Journalist.
Myron Helmund. Chief Concierge.
Jillian Statler Tate. The first Trillionaire. Industrialist. The First person to have their consciousness placed inside of an android body. Age 71.
Colonel Jorge Andros Guillermo. Head of Luna Security.
Mei-Lee Kwon. Owner of the Lunar Sands Restaurant.
Katerina Von Mueller. Head of Lunar Ice Station Zebra.
DelCort Tanner-Weiss. Lunar Historian. Compiling a history of Luna.

Luna. This can be the name of Earth’s Moon. Since all of the moons of the Solar System are moons, it was decided to actually name our own Satellite. The name Luna was chosen after a world-wide naming contest was held. The winner won a free trip to Luna on the first commercial tourist bus. The bus crashed on approach to Tranquility Base, and all hands were lost. A statue of 12 year old Marie Cortez now stands in the lobby of the way station, which is the first place everyone goes to when their shuttle lands.
Tranquility Base stands at the site of the first Moon mission, Apollo 11. The original lunar lander and a 25 foot diameter circle are enclosed in an impact-proof hemisphere. It is a permanent monument to the brave men who first set foot on Luna. The monument is now at the entrance to the Lunar Hilton.

Siege at Tranquility Base
Death Comes to Tranquility Base
Murder At Earth Rise
The Luna Conspiracy
An Occurrence At Tranquility Base
Someone’s Missing On Luna

Story Ideas:

Something was found on the dark side. An ancient vehicle a billion years old, it’s being held in the special warehouse used by Luna Security. The cop discovered it and was killed. He is also radioactive from the vehicle.
Billion year old creatures are found on the dark side. Or they were found in an ancient iceberg at the southern polar region. They appear to be long dead, but when exposed to water, radiation, whatever, they return to life. They slip into the air ducts of the base and begin to eat people at random.

Let me know when you want to meet. Ive been researching and have a good handle on the Luna Layout

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To Luna

I looked through Rick’s notes on Google Drive:

I understand that there are two victims, the body and then, the cop.
Is the body mangled - since it was eaten by tnese newly awoken beings?
*Is the radiation from the corporation’s Satellite bringing these creatures back to life?

The body is Jeremy Jovanka, the cop who stumbled onto something fishy with the returning Taurus Probe’s erratic maneuvering crossing over the dark side. He is not mangled until the creatures have had a chance to break free from their cryo-sleep and head toward the light side.
The creatures break out when the payload that is dropped off by the Taurus Probe mis-lands and cracks open. The creatures like it dark, and begin to swarm. They want to get at the humans at Serenity Base, but the base is in the light and would kill them.