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Keep Mosquitos Away the Natural Way

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By Katie Downey It’s summertime, and the mosquitos are out in full force and ready to ruin your fun. It’s easy to reach for the $20 deep woods bug spray, but just as it’s terrible for mosquitos, it’s also bad for anyone who comes in contact with it. The main component of many insect repellants is Deet. If you aren’t using a Deet-based repellent, then you may be using picaridin, a synthetic chemical created in the hopes of mimicking black pepper. Unfortunately, the other Deet alternatives are harder to pronounce and leave just as bad of a taste in your mouth. What about natural alternatives; do they work? It isn’t much fun finding out, so I have composed a list of other options for you and hope they help you as much as they have helped my chemical-sensitive family. Start at Home There’s a fair chance the ingredients in the all-natural bug repellents will already be in your home. One thing I know all bloodsuckers hate is garlic. I bet you aren’t too keen on wearing a garlic necklace. Below are a couple of ways to keep the skeeters off of you. Mix a Garlic Water Spray Solution – Chop…