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Live or Animated?

Should we aim to write a script that would be done with live actors and actresses? Or is this first script something that can be done as an animated film?

I’ve just seen the new season of Star Trek Animated. Considering that the original animated series ran from 1973-75, this looks almost exactly like it. Beautiful stuff. Not very expensive to do, either.

Side Note: Who thinks the Animated Star Trek from the 70s is canon?

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An animated video seems like a more managable project to me.
How long of a story is this, I wonder.

I say cannon. To my understanding, Gene embraced Next Gen as cannon, with even the tos being deemphasized in his eyes. I dug the old cartoon. Not sure about the newer stuff

I have a rough idea for animating it. I’ve done a few animations in the past. My thought is we start with character descriptions and I’ll begin designing some character sketches while we move on to other phases of the script.

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About 30 minutes? Let’s see where is goes though.