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My name is Ricky… I’m a poet

My name is Ricky… I’m a poet.

Poesy is crisis or rapture giving birth to beauty and ugliness
Poesy is the study of awareness / consciousness, of spirit = spacetime / voidtime
Poesy is not joyless composition or elitist drivel
Poesy is not talking points or consumer babble
Poesy is either living… or it is dead…

Are you a true poet?

Well… I used to think I was.

I wrote Three Poetry Books: (More like 5 = 3 on kindle - 2 being worked on)
(List um / What they do…)

The Muse’s Signs and Wonders 1996-2004
The Muses Subjective Hypernova of Poesy 2005-2012
Ethearilst Gnosis 2008-2018
Ethearilst Dharma 2019-2020
My Safe Word is Bananas 2008-2020

The benefit to this is that a whole spread of poetic evolution is before us, and by this such may be studied and used to inform…

I am working on a new poetry project (post soon to follow) and its experimental nature should verify my poetic geek-hood once and for all LOL