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My Novels

First I was a poet, and then through an act of fate I became a novelist, though it had always been a dream of mine. And so I wrote:

The Afternity Series:

) Cyberdonia 2011 - 113,826 - 2nd draft

) Drackonia 2012 - 173,232 - 1st draft

) The Martyr’s Field 2013 - 163,093 - 1st draft

*On Kindle ) Malathoria Vol 1 2016 - 109,485 - 4th draft

) Book of Masroth Vol 1 2018 - 150,006 - 2nd draft

) Book of Masroth Vol 2 2019 - 129,409 - 2nd draft

I write Cosmic Fantasy (my own fantasy subgenre) called Afternity, and as you can tell by the word count there is plenty of wordcraft to go around. It has been very satisfying to have written so much, an experience I’d recommend to anyone. My bliss is to write books, and I have many more outlined waiting down the road.

Lately I have been rewriting Cyberdonia, my novel from 2011, and I would like to hear from anyone who has rewritten a work. What are some issues you have with outlining, pacing, etc? It has been a wonderful process, fun and educational. Don’t be shy :relaxed: There is a lot we can teach each other.

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You’re at about 840,000 words. Good output. It can only help your writing to keep the words coming. You learn so much crafting as you go.

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