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Our various ideas : D

Hi everyone. I started to write a lil something which is saved on the google drive. Tom T submitted an idea for a script as well. We should chat about his, since I’m super excited for this process. : D And I hope the holiday weekend finds you all well.

So… after the meeting yesterday regarding scripts, I hope the muse is burning bright. Watch some of your favorite movies and bring back what you love about them. This will inspire us, as does any reflection on the love of cinema.

Regarding the writers club/new years script idea, what movie suggestions does anyone have with that kind of feel?

I don’t have enough from the meeting to be inspired. I have no core or theme from what we talked about. I’ll need a lot more to have any direction to go in.

Got ya. We will workshop it soon

Hi guys! Allow me to throw my two cents in here regarding new years eve films.

The most blockbuster of them all is the 2011 NEW YEARS EVE with that insane huge cast. This one is similar to LOVE ACTUALLY where disparate stories all sorta come together.

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY kinda concludes on NYE as they’re discussing what “auld lange syne” means.

BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY also takes place a lot on NYE and then circles back to the following NYE.

And if you really wanna go there, GHOSTBUSTERS II takes place on NYE when it all really hits the fan.

Assuming you are looking more for comedies like these? I think NYE lends itself to romantic comedies with all the pressure and weight placed on them. Would love to hear more about this potential script!

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Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face: That should help get our muse flashing :+1: New Year’s flicks allow for flashbacks or foreshadowings, and so a variety of non sequential storytelling options. Ive wanted to work on something like that for a while

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I would also look at christmas movies. it’s kind of the same thing in terms of the pressure people feel. I know I am working on the libretto for a stage musical–irreverent quirky bawdy comedy–about a holiday party gone awry but it also deals with a lot of “end of year” issues. It’s a fraught time, ripe for material!

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I understand that Ricky’s scripted scene would be the opening to a Pulp / beat-poetry (what was that reference again?). TC’s interested in writing a New Year’s Eve based story. (Is TC’s idea envisioned as a script or as a narrative?)

I had an idea to start a collaborative script project to be released by New Year’s. We would all develop characters and their scenes leading up to everyone meeting at a New Year’s Eve party. Ricky added the idea that all the characters are part of a writers club and he wrote an opening scene.

So this would be an exercise where you hand off the script to another writer and everyone writes the next scene? What’s your process for this, do you think? I’ve often seen that done with stories on a super basic level–everyone writing a sentence, etc–but not heard of it with a script, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work!

I think we are open to suggestions. This is primarily an exercise in script writing. I thought each of could begin with some character descriptions and maybe a kind of “cold open” for how we would introduce the character(s) to the audience.

Then we could compare notes and move on to plot development discussions.

Pulp Fiction meets Dharma Bums


I was under the impression that each person would take on the voice of a character or two.
Our different styles of writing could reflect those characters’ voices.
Since the characters know each other in the New Years Eve party - or in the Pulp Fiction scenario, we ought to know their relationships too and their history and the setting.
*Maybe we could complete Tom’s character worksheet. (Maybe Tom could post that in Forums)
I’d suggest "pantsing " a few scenes and improvising for a while as a brainstorming-session.
After a scene or two to that, we could reevaluate and maybe get into outlining, if we need more direction.
I’d like to see the plot unfold under these circumstances - naturally… but we might want to do some real plot-work as well.
We’d work in a Shared Doc- that google script-writing (youandme, no?)

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That sounds great :+1: Any character gen exercise you wish to Submit to in order to redefine your own persona slot (I’m the poet) will help to distinguish you from the character in the script. My three page script shows two of the fictional characters (novelist gamblers) who would attend the party (very likely contest winners who are not in the core group, meaning to symbolize growth for our club and such) The tension of their exchange illustrates how they have known each other for years and tend to be on the wild side. Our group in the club would not be there when Owen gets dragged out of bed by El, but they would feel the off-ness and could make punch bowl dialog about it during the party scenes.

JWC Script Project: from my google doc

Jim - big ol poet - Ricky

Jack - sports writer - Ben

Gemma - editor - Julie

Edward - layout - Mike

Martin - hacker - TC

Tim - story writer - Tom T

Owen - gambler, novelist - fictional

El - gambler, novelist - fictional

Tom T. also submitted a more horror based script concept for Corporate Gothic, and I like it, but perhaps it could be worked out to be a promo for Corporate Gothic as opposed to being part of the next project we do. Thoughts? :blush:

I’d like to make it clear that I’m not a hacker. I wouldn’t want to scare people away from joining our club or get big brother hooked on our stories.


You would only play one on tv :wink:

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I uploaded Tom’s “All Purpose Character Chart” to Google Drive, Screenwriting.

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I just wanted to ask: should the script be pre or post-COVID?
If it is a commercial, maybe we want to be present-day and use the virus-environment as an obstacle.

I’d rather it not be mentioned, but that’s just me. Thoughts?