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Post: 9/16/20

Let’s discuss this :flying_saucer:

I love fulfilling activities !

I’m half terrified and half awestruck by the power and unlimited opportunities of technology. Since beginning to work with software and mechanical engineers, learning about Machine Learning, AI, robotics, all of it… I’ve had to get over my fear of being spied on by computers because the new technologies coming out are literally all little (or big) spies designed and constructed to make our lives easier.

So where can sci-fi go from here, if what was once sci-fi is reality?

Will a robot hitting the keys at random write all the literature we’ll ever need?

There will always be a “Future” where writers can write SF. Even in the year 12,999 AD we’ll have SF.


Oh I agree. As long as there are humans there will be sci-fi. Because we all have complex relationships with technology, from fear to dependence to obsession.

Not only that but in sci-fi there is often discussion of resources, how we will sustain humanity past the point of our destruction of earth, or the fear of what might happen when resources run out / potential solutions for when they inevitably do.

Been thinking about that in regards to water (Quantum of Solace in fiction, Standing Rock/Flint MI etc in real life) or even air on Mars (Total Recall in fiction, & of course a concern along with all resources needed to sustain human life in Elon Musk’s Mars plans). Not to mention oil, land/housing, food, reproductive rights, gene/health care, integration of culture, jobs, goes on and on.

Fear and solutions. And yes I just decided James Bond falls under the sci-fi umbrella.

James Bond as SF? What an idea. Most of the films have had a SF edge to them or at least some sort of SF device in play. And his different faces? A whole different argument.
I’m in the school that our resources are not ever going to run out. We’ve seen hoe the fossil fuel idea is now bogus. It seems now that the Earth herself creates crude oil and natural gas, among other fuels.
Do Martians have SF, or Betelgueseans? I would think so, as long as they are Sentient. Imagine the SF of someone living in a solar system with a red sun? Or a silicon life form thinking of a life form based on carbon.

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