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Practical Tips to Protect Your Family and Pets From Tick Bites

Originally published at: Practical Tips to Protect Your Family and Pets From Tick Bites • Joe's Writers' Club

By Tiffany Chaney Ticks used to be the most active in the spring and fall, but Harvard Health reports that tick season is expanding as warm temperatures increase due to climate change. Take the following precautions to protect your family and pets against ticks year-round. How to Prevent Ticks From Biting Humans Prevention is the best method for families to guard against tick bites. Keep these tips in mind. 1. Avoid Areas Where Ticks Lurk Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Follow the marked trail, and avoid overgrown brush and wooded areas as you take in the stress-free surroundings. Ticks fall or climb long blades of grass to find their next feast. 2. Make Your Yard Unfriendly to Ticks Keep your lawn trimmed and free of weeds. Put up a fence to dissuade deer from roaming through the yard. Hire a pest control company that uses control measures that are friendly to nature, your children, and your pets. 3. Wear Long Clothing to Keep Ticks Off Can’t get around visiting an area thick with ticks? Wear long sleeves and pants tucked into your socks to create a barrier between you and the ticks. Double check the clothes of your little ones…