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Premium Membership

Once you’ve signed up for free membership with at you can purchase premium membership on our Shop Page.

With premium membership you will receive a private room in and your room will remain active even if your payment has lapsed.

With an active premium membership you also receive the following benefits each month:

  • Personal chat support with a response time of 48 hours or better.

  • 30 minutes of consultation each month towards achieving your writing/business goals.

  • Organizational support to help you design a strategy and execute it.

  • Recommendations for you if you require recruiting for your team or to be matched with clients
    for services you provide. (We can’t guarantee matching will occur)

  • Administrative support of your private room, team members, video chat, calendar, and
    google drive folder included in your room.

  • Coming Soon - Regular Premium Member Group Meetings to meet other premium members
    and receive group support and certification training.

Active Premium Membership is required to be a Verified Services Provider with JWC.

Premium Membership is $30 per month.

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