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Procrastination: 5 Tips to Get the Job Done Now

Originally published at: Procrastination: 5 Tips to Get the Job Done Now • Joe's Writers' Club

By Melvin Chux In today’s world, there is a general need to get things done faster. We have drive-through eateries so people get food faster. Short fifteen second videos on TikTok so the audience consumes content faster. You can see it all around you, the need to get things done quickly. In a fast-paced society like this, you stand out when you have a habit of procrastination. We’ve all experienced this, after setting a goal, you keep postponing it and sometimes never begin. Below we will share some tips to help you stop procrastinating.  Understand why you’re procrastinating  We often tell ourselves we are too busy, but it’s funny how there is always enough time to have a quick smoke break or watch one episode of our favorite series. When you dig deep into the matter, you realize you actually have time—a lot of it. The problem is you keep pushing important tasks aside. You need to understand the reason you procrastinate; doing this is the first step to taking charge of your life. Think about the task at hand, perhaps cleaning the drainage or mowing the lawn. How does it make you feel? Do you feel anxious, stressed, or…