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Ric Flair's Battle With Depression and Alcoholism

Originally published at: Ric Flair’s Battle With Depression and Alcoholism • Joe's Writers' Club

Ric Flair Was a Famous Wrestler, but Still Had to Wrestle Life We sometimes think that the rich and famous have it all, but that isn’t always true. This is the case with Ric Flair. Throughout his career, Ric Flair battled depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. The biggest opponent he had to face in the ring was himself. Ric Flair Survived a Plane Crash and Wrestled 40+ Years More In 1975, a devastating plane crash left Ric Flair with his back broken in three places. The crash also paralyzed his tag team partner, Johnny Valentine. Ric Flair spent eight months in rehab to be able to walk again. Johnny Valentine couldn’t be his tag team partner due to the accident, but Johnny’s son, Greg Valentine, took his spot. Ric had to face a debilitating accident where he was told may never walk again, let alone wrestle anymore. He faced the realization that he couldn’t do what he loved, but he fought it and wrestled as he fought throughout his life.  After his plane crash, Ric Flair spent time in physical therapy. As part of the rehab, he did 250 push ups, 500 free squats and 200 sit ups. This injury altered…