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Originally published at: Sponsored Stories • Joe's Writers' Club

The companies below are proud sponsors of Joe’s Writers’ Club. Each month an author from Joe’s Writers’ Club creates a new issue in a series which is developed just for their business. Joe’s Writers’ Club Sponsored Stories focuses on creative exciting adventures and heart warming tales which are relevant to each company’s industry and designed to be search engine optimized. Please enjoy the stories below and don’t forget to subscribe to all your favorite stories. Our Sponsors Tailwind Delivery – The Adventures of Max Cargo Tailwind Delivery is one of the best and most accommodating on-demand courier services in the New York Metropolitan Area. We’ve developed an exciting tale for them about an elite courier team and the everyday adventures and challenges they face while making sure to get the job done correctly. Take a seat and enjoy an insider look on how packages arrive safely from point A to point B. read more at Tailwind Delivery Courier, Delivery & Express Cargo Service - Adventures of Max Cargo

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