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The Corporate Gothic Grade School

An Idea…

Let’s suppose that every character we write about in our CG stories all went to the same grade school. This school is on the edge of the Border between the Real World and the Realms of the Unknown. Corporate Gothicness, if you will. Every person who attended from Kindergarten through Grade 6 is steeped in this zone of creepiness. Wherever they go, they bring Corporate Gothic with them. It infects their workspaces only, as school is also a type of job. These students ARE Corporate Gothic.

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Dig it. Does this plug into Julie’s idea? It’s something to contemplate…

Julie and I went over this Tuesday night. I think she likes how it might fit into her ideas.

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It is an interesting unifying element, I’d imagine ad a secondary consideration to a story idea. Id think that the story would come first, and then, the writer would link it to the childhood world.

With this idea of a formula, I would like to say that part of a formula is breaking the formula and that there’s never really one formula. Usually, the system would include many different story types and would evolve to include new archotypes. When stuck for an idea, writers re- purpose and reinvent the past used archetype. And then, when the muse hits, the produce an original take.


I can dig it. There are many ways to approach this. In Star Trek (the old school kind) they had a formula which I think is golden.

1: Scientific or Cosmic Thought experiment

2: A crisis point within that experiment

3: A well trained star fleet crew (nearly post human utopian) would function as a well oiled machine at their stations, or on away missions, or during moments of stress brought on by the extremes of space travel (time travel)

4: The myth is told, the lesson learned, and the experiment resolved in some way, or left to haunt us in the aftermath, not to mention Bones, Jim, and Spock bringing levity or sobriety to a departing audience, leaving the profound story to echo in our minds for hours or even days to come.

Early Next Gen followed the same formula.

That is a formula beyond formula. Its called genius.

Genius is beyond formula and is attainable for those who obsess. Gene Roddenberry wrote lots for television, Westerns, dramas, this besides inventing Star Trek. His spoken word albums of lectures are
fascinating to me. Having to fight censorship, systemic racism, and religious hysteria, he still delivered monumental entertainment time and again, a source of inspiration for generations.

He obsessed until formula mutated into genius, and that is why we are going over his work now. Why its syndicated, streamed, rebooted, and even now being used to generate new material. Though Trek has changed a lot, the older series demonstrated a formulaic orthodoxy worth studying. The subsequent Star Trek shows are mutations of that genius, which is the counter orthodoxy that we must also study. In this way we may find out how to achieve such genius for ourselves. I believe that its possible.

As to Corporate Gothic, or Writers Block, or anything, we need to work out enough of an idea (a bible) so that such processes of formula are second nature. Then we can have fun and explore possibilities. That’s my favorite part LOL Lets consider this school idea carefully, because it is complicated. We need to feel this out a lil bit more before we dive into that kind of thing. Not saying not to think about it, because I am, but I’m not sure.


The idea of a show bible is solid and probably should come first after the concept is found to be good enough to proceed with. What’s needed is:

Overall Concept