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The Wild West of Writing Genres

Originally published at: The Wild West of Writing Genres • Joe's Writers' Club

The Bl-article? An Arti-log? Don’t believe the hype – when it comes to definitions of “blog” and “article” on the Internet. The #2 blog from “The 50 Best Tech Blogs” contains references that we’d usually find in an article. The #2 article listed in “The 10 Most Popular Articles in 2021” includes the casual expressions that we’d typically see in a blog. More than an “online journal” now, the blog is “maturing”, as Tice notes in her article. Blogs and articles are crossing the bright line that had previously differentiated the genres. In this wild west of writing genres, blogs can be serious, and articles can be light. Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash It’s a Matter of Money.  Companies that offered lower fees for blogs and more for articles likely prompted the mix of blogs and online “articles”. If Tice is right that “blog posts tend to pay crap, and articles tend to pay better”, calling your posts something other than “blog” might be a smart move. Choosing “opinion piece,” “op-ed,” “editorial,” or “letters-to-the-editor” instead of “blog” might add more value to the discussion. Posts that are personal in nature may fare better under the title of “advice column.”…

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