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The Writers Block and Wattpad

We have a good setting and characters for the show. What if we all wrote a series of short 500-word stories about The Writers Block in Wattpad? They could be about anything the characters are doing down there. The stories would create a narrative and a history for everyone, and the area itself.
What is needed first, I believe, is a set of fully developed characters. If each of us just does our own characters and fleshes them out, we could compile them here and have a basis for moving forward with the show and the Wattpad chronicle.
Once every character is set, we can write adventures for Wattpad at our leisure. As long as they stay in the story bible, we could write about anything.
I think this could be a fun project we could all do without any pressure or deadline. If one of us wriotes 10 stories in a month, that would be fine. Each story would have to be read and edited by someone or two of us at least to check continuity. Let’s have fun with this.


That’s a pretty cool idea

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Sounds great.
Where is the summary that we had?

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The folder is in the first post for this category. But that’s the old read-only folder

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