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Thought experiment: 9/13/20

Thought experiment: 9/13/20

Who wants to be a trillionaire?

Let’s discuss this :flying_saucer:

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Even finding meteorites on earth is big business. This is fascinating for me especially because in 2012 in St. Louis MO, I was meditating (asking life’s purpose , where is the money ,God or higher power) type of stuff and believe it or not a meteor landed 6 feet in front of me!

I didn’t know if I was trying to be wiped out by someone or what but I used to wear it in a necklace. Anyways after my friend told me I could possibly have a small fortune I arranged for the meteorite to be analyzed by a professor at some university. What ended up happening is I set them on a counter and my intoxicated sister thought they were rocks and threw them while cleaning is what I believe happened …

Always wondered what would of became of the situation lol

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What a mythical event! Did you find the answer you were seeking?

Amazing stuff. It sounds like it could be the beginning of an interesting SF adventure. The meteor in the garbage can begin to change somehow.

All of a sudden, the USA, China, Russia, India and Japan are making massive plans to mine the Moon. Apparently there’s lots of water, gold, silver and rare earths there and someone needs to get to it first. The rare earths are especially important, because 90% of them here are found in China, and they estimate that they will run out in another 15 years.

These, then, are the last days/nights on which there will be no lights on the Moon. 4.3 billion years will visibly come to an end when the first mine shaft is sunk, or strip mine is opened. I must say, though, in the case of strip mines, they will have at last found their home. Nothing like a strip mine to make a celestial surface Moonlike.