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Today’s Quest: 9/13/20

Question: if you have one of three magical abilities, which one?

1: Telepathy

2: Beast Mastery

3: One flawless Wish (No monkey paw effects)

#3 - I would save it for an emergency.

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Telepathy! I actually have dreams all the time where I communicate with people via telepathy and love it. I’m convinced we are headed that way as a species; however, during a political year, I’m very glad I have the censorship of my words!

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That’s a good point. Lol When I write about telepathic characters, (which I do often) they always have the ability to block access / thought clearance. Maybe we should work that out… In your dreams, do you sense the workings / guidelines behind the telepathic function? It must be cool to have dream voices beamed in. Are they distorted or beautified by a mouth less speech?

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It’s hard to explain, really, because it feels really natural. I mean, have you ever had the experience of staring at an animal–dog or cat–and being able to sense what they are trying to tell you?

This is kind of going far out there, but since this is also a writing forum, this is worth mentioning–if you’ve read transcripts of people who have been put under hypnosis and are experiencing past lives or a life between lives session, the transcripts talk a lot about communicating telepathically and how that’s the main form of communication “on the other side.”

While I love my telepathy dreams, I REALLY love the dreams where I’m doing psychokinesis, moving things with my mind. I had a dream where I was teaching students how to do this and using the example of opening and closing a window with my mind. So cool!


Agreed. A psychic playground informed by paranormal phenomenology feels at least a little more true, or otherwise believable to the reader. If they study such things then this demonstrates interest, and the more of a telepathic orthodoxy they know, the easier it is to plug in with other telepathic orders. I dig psychokinesis as well as deep dream walking simulations (like what if wizards shared lucid dreams) Both offer superhuman awareness and or transcendental hyper-dimensionality.

I can recommend the far seer trilogy by Robin Hobb. Those books offer excellent telepathic / telesensorium text, written amazingly in it’s own cosmology. A must read…