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Using MICE to help You write Short Stories

Short Story Formula

The Length Of Your Story Is Equal To The Number Of Characters Plus The Number Of Scenes/Stages/Locations Times 750 Words Times The Number Of Mice Threads You Have Divided By 1.5.

There are four basic elements of story, or the MICE. All stories should have these things in vary degrees, but when writing a short story, you’ll only really have one (possibly two at most. In any story, one will be much stronger(clearer) than the other(s)).

Mice Threads are Milieu, Ideas, Characters and Events. These elements can be used to determine where a story begins and ends, and the kinds of conflicts that each character faces in the story.

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I’ve never heard this, where does it come from? And thanks for sharing!

It’s from a writer’s workshop about short stories. The speaker is apparently famous, but I never heard of her. She is interesting. The video:

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